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children's e-book being kind to george

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1. Being Kind to George
Written and illustrated by Jo Dunningham
Review By Christina Lewis

One morning Oliver, the big black dog, was out walking with his best friend Greg when he heard some strange noises in a patch of tall grass. Oliver was frightened when out popped a scrawny goose covered in seaweed. From then on Greg and Oliver would walk down to the park and feed the hungry goose, who Greg named George. They went to visit him every day, and soon other people in the park began to visit George too. George loved all of the attention, until the park ranger told Greg that taking care of a wild animal is not always a good thing to do because George might forget how to take care of himself. Greg knew that the park ranger was right, so he decided to spend less time with George, even though it made him sad. George became lonely, until one day he spotted two boys at the park. He waddled after them honking loudly, but the boys were frightened and tried to scare George away. George got scared and started running all over, people were chasing him and someone tried to grab him. Hurt and frightened George slowly made his way to Greg's café. Greg called the park ranger and together they found a new home for George, a place where George could be himself with other geese.

"Being Kind to George" is a wonderful story about friendship and doing what's right, even though it may be difficult. The warm and colorful illustrations bring the story to life. (Ages 4-8)


2. Being Kind To George
Written and illustrated by Jo Dunningham
Review by Jennifer LB Leese

Oliver, a dog with long legs, overly large feet, and scared of every little thing, wandered into the reeds he came across a honking noise that caused him to run frantically towards his owner, Greg. Seeing that he was terrified of something, Greg investigated and found that the honking sound was a little scrawny and undernourished white goose. Oliver and Greg befriended the goose and decided to take care of him and feed him since it was winter time and the goose would find little to eat. Every morning, they took food to the goose and watched as he gobbled them all up. In no time, the goose grew stronger and fatter. Greg led his newly named goose George to the clean pond in the park across from his caf‚ and hoped that George would be happy there. George was, but as time grew on, spring and summer turned into winter, George noticed that not everyone was like his summer friends, and he grew very sad. People thought he was a threat was he? Find out by reading Jo Dunningham's delightful book BEING KIND TO GEORGE.Based on a true story, this book is a beautiful tribute to wild animals everywhere. Moreover, it is a great tool to teach children the meaning of a goose's honk and why people shouldn't try to befriend wild animals. The story is well written, and children any age will enjoy the charming goose and his friends. It teaches children the importance of kindness, friendship, and helping your environment to thrive.Jo Dunningham is the author and illustrator of this wonderful children's book. She has been telling stories and drawing pictures to amuse her children for over twenty years. With a fresh approach to life, she now finds the time for the things she most enjoys-her family, and her writing. Dunningham lives in Wiltshire, England with her husband, three of their five children, and their youngest granddaughter.

BEING KIND TO GEORGE by Jo Dunningham comes highly recommended by this reviewer and her children. Look for more of her work, "Why Does the Tooth Fairy Want My Teeth?" which she is currently working on. You can check out her personal website at http://www.dunningham.be and view "real-life" pictures of George. Readers will also be able to download George's illustrations from the actual book to color.


3. Being Kind To George
Written and illustrated by Jo Dunningham
Review by M.J Hollingshead (aka Molly Martin, 20+ years classroom teacher)

"Happy to Recommend", "Pleasing Read Highly Recommended 5 stars"Oliver a ‘flob a lob dog’ has big feet, an ungainly lope and lots of curiosity. Out on an early morning walk Oliver and Greg a strange hissing sound coming from the grasses along the side of the path. Oliver hides behind Greg as he peers into some reeds to find a round head, dark, beady eyes and a funny green something covered in water slime. George is a goose. Greg who owns a café likes to take fennel seed to feed to the birds he meets on his walks. One day the goose follows Greg to the lake. Soon there is no more green slime covering George’s feathers. He is white and lovely, eats more seed spends his summer swimming in the lake and waiting for Ollie and Greg. When Ranger Sue explains to Greg that feeding wild creatures can cause the animal to come to depend on humans and forget to look for food on their own Greg does not go to visit his feathered friend so much.
George loved all the attention he received from visitors to the lake. In the fall when the children go back to school George learns that not all people are kind or good when some rowdies chase, yell and grab at him. Afraid, hurt and lonely George comes to Greg’s café. Ranger Sue comes and she and Greg take George to a refuge for water birds who have forgotten how to live in the wild. Being Kind To George is set in a lovely Park in Wiltshire, England. The poignant tale helps children realize that what may be kindness in fact can also harm wild critters as they begin to lose the instincts helping them survive on their own. When wild critters come to depend on people for food and help they are no longer the free creatures they were, but are helpless to those who would cause them harm.

Writer Dunningham has produced an excellent teaching/pleasure reading work covering 41 pages in Being Kind To George. Filled with wonderful illustrations the easily navigated eBook is sure to please the target audience of early to mid readers. A visit to the author’s website will take readers to color book pages suitable for download, pictures of George and insight into the writer and her work. Being Kind To George will fit nicely in the classroom science program as well as free reading time. This is a good book for evening ‘read to me’ cuddle time with the 3-4 set, read with some help for the 6-8 and read alone for many 8-9s.

This is a book I would use in my own K-1 classroom, happy to recommend.

ebook cover ugly duckling
E-Book £1.50   CD £5.50 (inc p&p)

1. The Ugly Duckling
By Jo Dunningham
Review By Christina Lewis

When mother duck's seven eggs have hatched she realizes that one of her chicks is very different from the others. His feathers are gray, his feet are big and his beak is black, but his family loves him just the same. But the ugly duckling doesn't understand why the other animals won't accept him, so he decides to run away. After he barely escapes two dangerous situations he his found by a kind farmer who takes him home. The farmer and his children take care of him all winter. When they finally take him to the lake in the spring he sees a beautiful swan looking back at him. The ugly duckling is gone. A wonderful take on this classic story of love, acceptance and the beauty within. The warm illustrations add sparkle to the story and will make this one a favorite that kids will want to read again and again. To purchase visit http://www.dunningham.de (Ages 4-8)


2.The Ugly Duckling
By Jo Dunningham
Review By Christine Spindler

The Ugly Duckling" is a well-known story. As with all classics, there's a reason why we love to hear and read them over and over again: there's a lot of truth in them and therefore they are worth being passed on over many generations.

Jo Dunningham has lovingly re-told and illustrated "The Ugly Duckling", a traditional tale about finding one's true self. Her eye for details and her warmth are visible all throughout the book. The profits help raise funds to care for wild birds and animals that are sick or injured. Her version is excellent for reading to preschoolers and even older children.

I think this is one of the best illustrated e-Books currently available

e-book cover
where have all the flowers gone?
E-Book £1.50
CD £5.50 (inc p&p)

1. Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Jo Dunningham
Reviewed by Christine Spindler

Bumble, the bee, is shocked: all the flowers have been trampled upon. What's she going to eat now? Stan, the spider, tells Bumble he saw children running all over the grass, right through the early Spring daffodils. Other people have gathered great armfuls of flowers to take them home. Dogs, cars and children on bikes destroyed the remaining flowers. Now, instead of flowers, there is litter everywhere, left by people who enjoy the beauty of nature but don't care for it, don't feel responsible for preserving it. But hey, what's this? Children with baskets full of bulbs and seeds are coming to plant fresh flowers.

A lovely, uplifting story. Jo Dunningham brings her message across in a relaxed and easy-to-relate-to way. A bee and a spider as central characters work perfectly, and the illustrations done by children are absolutely charming.

In my experience, most children love caring for their surroundings once they've become aware of the importance. What is more, they'll then pass on this attitude to their parents, who taught them in the first place. When my daughter was 3 years old I told her it wasn't alright to throw litter on the ground. Ever since then she's been conscientiously paying attention to this rule, and on top of that she scolded every grown-up she ever caught doing so. Therefore, I am happy to recommend this story as an incentive for children to take care of flowers.

The CD for the book contains an audio version of the e-book too where as the child enters each page, the page is read to them. The CD also contains a photo album file of pictures taken at the workshop of the children as they did the illustrations, plus a free colouring book based on one of Jo Dunningham's other books. All profits from this book are donated to the South West Swan Sanctuary, a voluntary group that looks after the birds and small animals locally.


2. Where Have all the Flowers Gone?
By Jo Dunningham
Illustrated by Children at the Swindon Literature Festival 2003
Review By Christina Lewis

Bumble the Bee woke up one bright spring morning and she was hungry, but when she looked around she couldn't see any flowers. She found her friend Stan the spider and asked him where the flowers were. He looked sadly at her and explained how the children had played in the flower beds, how people picked them to take home. He told her they had parked their cars right in the flowers, and they left their trash all over so the flowers couldn’t grow. Bumble and Stan didn't know what to do, then they saw a group of children coming into the park with their teacher. They had flowers and seeds and spent all day planting in the park. Bumble and Stan smiled at each other. They knew what happened to the flowers, but they also knew that the flowers would be back again.

A touching story about the importance of giving back to nature what we take away from it. The illustrations are beautiful and bring this wonderful story to life! This is a story everyone should read.
To purchase visit http://www.dunningham.be (All ages)

ebook cover
where have all the flowers gone?
E-Book £1.50

CD £ 5.50

I am sorry but I have not yet added reviews for 'Love, And A Turnip' or 'Where Has All The Frogspawn Gone?' If you would like to give a Reader Review of any of these books, please email me with READER REVIEW in the subject line of your message. Thank you.

ebook cover design

love and a turnip



E-Book £1.50 CD £5.50

I am sorry but I have not yet added reviews for 'Love, And A Turnip' or 'Where Has All The Frogspawn Gone?' If you would like to give a Reader Review of any of these books, please email me with READER REVIEW in the subject line of your message. Thank you.

ebook cover



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1. Sounds I Can Hear, In A Car

Written by Jennifer LB Leese and illustrated by Jo Dunningham
Reviewed by Joann Rohr, author of Su Ling’s Kite, a collection of other books, editor, and free-lance book reviewer. http://www.writers-exchange.com/epublishing/joann.htm

This delightful, interactive, story is sure to be a big hit with small children. While joining a family on a car trip, even grownups will find the gleeful kid within themselves. Children can easily relate and let their imaginations soar, as they merrily go along for the ride. SOUNDS I CAN HEAR IN A CAR is cleverly crafted by talented author, Jennifer LB Leese. The story and sound effects go together perfectly. What the child sees and hears along the way, make for a memorable and fun trip.

The colorful and lively illustrations by gifted artist, Jo Dunningham, add vivid visualizations to the story. SOUNDS I CAN HEAR IN A CAR is skillfully put together and the instructions are simple and easy for kids to follow. Clicking on the sound icons with a mouse will keep children happy and busy for hours. They will want to make the car journey many times, enjoying what they playfully hear and see along the way.

At the end of the story, there is a multi-colored, collage of thumbnails pictures with sounds attached. The child can click on each and hear the sounds from the story, selected at random. This book can be used as a learning tool that makes picture-word association, easy, and fun. SOUNDS I CAN HEAR IN A CAR by Jennifer LB Leese, is extremely entertaining, educational, and highly recommended by this reviewer.


2. Sounds I Can Hear, In A Car
Written by Jennifer LB Leese and illustrated by Jo Dunningham
Reviewer Carolyn R. Scheidies

Though I thought the concept of having a click-on-sound to go with the storyline on each page a good one, I knew that the book needed a real test—a toddler’s point of view. With that in mind, I sat my just turned three-year-old grandson on my lap and opened up this children’s ebook. As we moved through the book, he got to click on such sounds as the rumble of a car engine, wind blowing through hair, birds flying, a motorcycle, dog barking, children laughing and much more.

The story, about a ride in a car, seems not much more than a vehicle to introduce the sounds, and that’s all right. Devon enjoyed clicking on the sounds over and over. His favorites were the motorcycle, the dog barking and the children laughing. At the end, all the sounds are represented on a single page. Devon spent a considerable amount of time—for a three-year-old—moving from picture to picture clicking and listening to the sounds.

My grandson and I got some quality time together, and had fun learning new sounds. Devon and I recommend this book

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