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3 cross clipartJesus died to save us from our sins.

And this is my Gran, Grandpa and Great Gran.   
GrandparentsI took this picture.

I went to St Anton, Austria for my holidays with my Gran and Grandpa. Here are some photos of my holiday.

Adventure transportThis is the train that took me to my activities in St Anton.

This is my little cousin Max with his mum, big brother Jake and me. Max and family

Here is my latest picture of Robert Burns

Robert Burns

I'm in P5 at school.

I like learning about computers at school.
I like playtime.

Here I am on a nature  
Andrew on nature trailtrail with my Gran.

Grieshof HotelThis is the hotel I stayed in. It had a swimming pool, sauna and whirlpool.

Thiis is me with my wee cousins Oliver and Reuben

Andrew, Oliver & Reuben

I've been pupil of the week a few times now. Here I am with my medal. Andrew with pupil of the week medal


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Updated  1 April 2012