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Have you ever heard of 'settling' in the context of furniture?

I hadn't until we bought our new G-plan Venice suite. When it arrived it looked really nice. We were very happy with it. We paid quite a lot for the suite and extra to have Guardsman treatment.  We chose this particular suite because my husband and I both suffer from back problems and we needed something quite upright. We told the sales assistant this at the time we ordered the suite.

After only a couple of months the my husband said he felt like the chair he used was sagging at the back. I tried it and then sat on the sofa. There was quite a difference. We Called Barbours of Dumfries where we purchased the suite and told them. Then someone came to look at it. This was when we heard the term 'settling used for the first time. He agreed with us that the chairs were lower at the back than the sofa but said that this was what happened with anything that had foam in it. We said we didn't expect it to happen within only 2 months. He said he would get someone from G-plan to come. Someone did come and reported that there had 'been some settling but that it was well within a level of tolerance' and therefore nothing was to be done about it.

After consulting Consumer Direct we were advised to write to barbours which we did only to receive a reply saying that as G-plan said that there was basically nothing wrong with the suite there was nothing they could do.

Consumer Direct then referred us to Trading Standards who told us that we could get an independent upholsterer to examine the suite and depending on the outcome, take Barbours to Court. This was to cost another 300 if we had to pay it.

We're stuck with a suite that is completely unsuitable for our needs because a salesman didn't inform us about this 'settling' business. If he had, we would have chosen something more suitable.

We chose both Barbours of Dumfries and G-plan because of their excellent reputation. We are very disappointed with both.


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Updated 29 October 2010