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My daughter Mhairi has written lirics for many songs over the years. Now her husband Christian composes the music for them. Here are 2 for you to download and listen to.

The first one is from a CD she and her husband Christian produced in Mhairi and Christian
aid of the Tsunami Appeal after the disaster on Boxing Day 2004.  Over 1000 was raised from the sale of this CD. 'A Song for Asia' is sung by Angela Baxi with Christian providing the music and vocal backing.

Copyright 2005 Mhairi & Christian Boxer

Another song written by Mhairi and Christian is 'One More Day' for the Rwanda 100 Days of Hope appeal and can be heard here. This song is sung by Alan McKinlay.

Copyright 2006 Mhairi & Christian Boxer                                                      

Mhairi's brother Donny also wrote and performed this peice of music for his Music Higher some years ago. 'Electric Guitar'

Christian is a software engineer and has created a programme which churches with multimedia capabilities will find invaluable. This can be download free from  Zionworx

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Updated 2 April 2012