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How to Join

How to Join
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How to join 361 (Gateshead) Squadron

Joining the squadron is easy!

You must be at least 12 years old (and in Year 8 at school) and not yet reached your 17th birthday (although once you are a member you can continue as a cadet until you are 20 years of age).

Come along on either of our parade (meeting) nights - Tuesday or Thursday, 1900 hrs to 2130 hrs. (We are open all year, including school holidays, except for the week between Christmas and New Year.) Click here to go to our Contact page where you will find our full address and a link to a map.

If your parents or guardians have any concerns or want to know more about us, then bring them with you.

Bring a friend if you want.

We will show you around the squadron and explain more about our activities.

You will be given a consent form, which will need to be completed by your parent/guardian and returned to the squadron. The completed form gives permission for you to participate in activities such as flying, gliding, adventure training, sports, etc.

And that's it!

Your first few weeks at the squadron will concentrate on "Basic" training so that you can progress to "First Class Cadet" level as soon as possible. (See our Training page for more information.)

After a few weeks, you will be issued with a uniform and then the "Sky's the Limit".

If you are interested in becoming an adult  member of staff, click here.

(If you are not from the Gateshead area, send us an e-mail by clicking here and we will put you in touch with a squadron close to where you live.)


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