Royal Regiment of Artillery Prayer

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who dost everywhere lead
thy people in the way of righteousness, Vouchsafe so as to lead the
Royal Regiment of Artillery, That wherever we serve, on land or sea or in
the air, We may win the glory of doing thy will Amen.

Hello and Welcome

Hopefully this site will do what I would like it to do and that is allow Ex members of the Battery to get in touch with each other. After looking at the 4 Battery page I discovered I could not find anything about 3 Battery on the net (If you know different let me know).  So I've decided to give it a go and stick up a few pages. Must admit Kez Kerrys site gave the inspiration to do this page his site is and you should look there are a lot of photos on there you will recognise people on.  Mind I bet non of you will admit that we wore anything thing like that back then, It was fashion ....

Here is a link to the only 31 Bty site I can find

Its s decent group with lots of members but you will have to join it.

This site is still in its infancy, so if you have any ideas on contents please email me



We have Photo galleries if you want to include your photos please email me them, I only have a small selection at the moment..

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