These elections in 1979 were an attempt by the Rhodesian Government to hand over

power to a "moderate" black leader.  Abel Murorewa was duly elected, and the country was renamed

Zimbabwe Rhodesia


Many vehicles were designed to minimise the damage done by land mines.

This is a Leopard, outside the polling station at Esibomvu School


Preparing to receive voters at Esibomvu


Unloading equipment to set up a polling station at Nswazi


Rural voters at Nswazi have the voting procedure explained to them


Voters queuing at Nswazi


Travelling between polling stations


Voters queue at Ncema


First the fingers are checked under U.V. light, then the fingers are marked with an

alcohol-soluble invisible dye, after which a ballot paper is issued to the voter


Fear and suspicion as the process is carried out


The voting booths


Casting a vote (Tony Davey presides; Roy Ashby looks on)


The ballot box is sealed - time for a break.

(Roy Ashby far left; Gordon Macdonald and Tony Davey about to light up.)


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