No PayPal Payment Email Received and No Payment in Account



If the status of a payment in your My eBay is PayPal payment Pending, you have not received a payment notification email from PayPal and the payment is not showing in your PayPal account, then the payment email address you used in the eBay listing is not associated with your PayPal account and is not an email address that you currently control.



What to Do


You first need to find out what email address the payment has been made to.


Open the transaction details in your my eBay. Click the Sell Similar or Relist button (don't worry - you are not going to send the item live).




Then scroll down to the Decide how you'd like to be paid section and check the payment email address there.



Close the window, or press page back on the browser when you've taken a note of the email address.



What to Do if the Domain Name is Correct


If you made a typo in your email address, but got the domain name correct, you could try signing up to that email provider with the typo email address.

So for example if your PayPal email payment address is but you entered the email address, see if you can sign up to the email address

If you can sign up to that email address, you can have up to 8 email addresses attached to your PayPal account, so just add that email address.


Please refer to this PayPal Guide to see how to add an email address to your PayPal account:


PayPal Payment Email Received But No Payment in Account


The payment will then automatically show in your account.





What to Do if You Can’t Add the email to Your PayPal Account


If you made a typo in the domain name, or you can’t add the address as above, you will need to ask the buyer to cancel the transaction in their PayPal account. Because the email address the payment was sent to is not associated with a PayPal account, it will remain Unclaimed for 30 days, but there will be a Cancel button next to it in the buyer’s PayPal account.


The payment will be returned to their funding source (credit card if paid that way, otherwise to their PayPal balance). Card payments can take up to 30 days to be returned to the card account but it usually takes about 7 days.


If the buyer does nothing, the payment will be automatically returned in 30 days.

Once the buyer has cancelled the transaction, you can send them a Manual Invoice for an eBay Item direct from your PayPal account. You will need the buyer’s PayPal email address to do this.

Please see this comprehensive Guide for instructions of how to send the buyer a manual invoice and associate it with the eBay Item Number. This will mean that the payment the buyer makes is eligible for Buyer Protection:


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I suggest you insert the optional eBay Item URL when generating the Money Request.


When you next list an item, make sure that the payment email address you use is one that is confirmed in your PayPal account.