Own Boat Tuition

Now that you have had the enjoyment of buying your new boat, learn how to enjoy using it. So many new owners try to teach themselves or get a friend to teach them or even learn on a completely different boat. Without the correct level of training, delivered at your pace, there is the danger of losing interest in your boat, your investment, because of the problems you perceive before going to sea. The skipper and the crew should go to sea for pleasure and relaxation, not for stress and trauma. After all arenít our boats known as pleasure craft!

A mutually agreed training package with "Maritime Training" will ensure that you can feel comfortable with handling your vessel in the close confines of a marina as well in open waters, and that your crew know what to do and why, without the shouting between Skipper and Crew.

Safety will play a major part in all areas of training, from how to control the areas of risk on the boat, to what to do in an emergency if things do go wrong.

Find out how you and your family and friends can enjoy using the boat without stress and learn how to operate your pleasure craft safely, in a relaxed, professional way with "Maritime Training". Ring 07733 320302

"Maritime Training" is RYA recognised for RYA theory courses, RYA/DoT Sea Survival Training and RYA radar courses.