RYA Radar Course

Learn how to use your radar effectively for both anti collision and navigation on the one day, RYA certified course.

More and more people now have radar fitted to their vessel, but without profesional training few can use their radar to its full potential. Correctly used, radar is an excellent tool in poor visibility. Radar can make you life safer by reducing the possibility of collision and make navigation and pilotage in poor visibility easier.

This one day course will be split into two elements, the first element will be carried out alongside, going through basic radar theory, capabilities and limitations of radar and understanding fully what the controls on your radar can do.

The second element, in the afternoon, will be spent at sea using the radar for collision avoidance, navigation and blind pilotage. This real time training, using a live radar picture, on your own radar set has to be better than a simulator in a classroom.

There can be a maximum number of four persons on this course so enroll family or friends to make this a very inexpensive course per person.

Take this course with an instructor who has been using radar at sea professionally for 40 years. 

To discuss your training requirements ring 07733 320302 or click here for further contact details.

"Maritime Training" is RYA recognised for RYA theory courses, RYA/DoT Sea Survival Training and RYA radar courses.