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Allan's Photo

Guitar solos:     ( Download/hear other guitar arrangements in PowerTab & and Midifile formats here )

Bearsden Breakdown  (1.2Mb)  1m 20s - Title music for a BBC TV drama

Chamousset  (1.1Mb)  1m 11s - In memory of good times gone

Anna Clare's  (1.85Mb)  1m 36s - A fingerbuster on the birth of Anna 1982

Be Thirteen  (1.38Mb)  1m 11s - Because the first chord is B13th

Mixed pieces:

Mad Prom  (780Kb)  0m 48s - From "The Cherry Orchard" 2002

Brass  (1.68Mb)  1m 27s - For a school band in Argyll

Crackl  (1.6Mb)  1m 44s - For fiddlers to dance to

Drumex  (638Kb)  0m 39s - From an unproduced show

11 32 Dolphy  (1.04Mb)  1m 07s - Jazzy

Sodaghe  (867Kb)  0m 54s - From some show somewhere

The Urban Fox  (1.34Mb)  1m 27s - For Annie Grace and Gavin Marwick

Jo Powell's Jig  (1.2Mb)  1m 18s - For Jo

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