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 Photo Assortment
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decorative image


with Andrew Keir

Preachin' the Blues

1972 Guild D-35

Romy Schneider & Harvey Keitel

1880s Parlour Guitar

Lief the Chief

Panto Make-Up

1955 Martin 00-17

Panopticon Music Hall

Hello Anna

1966 Selmer MkVI alto

Shaved for the job...

Curly (on the right!)

"Wildcat" (in the middle)

"Strathblair" with Anna


"The Busker"

More Panto Fun!

Alexander Simpson

The Cherry Orchard Band

Roughcast's first show

Roughcast's first van!

Allan's Sax Quartet (-1)

Yepikhodov 2002

with Barbara Robinson in "HalfCafe"

Rock Singer!

60s ad

"The White Bird Passes"

7:84 "Screw the Bobbin"