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Platter & Mushrooms Mushrooms Yew Bowl Ash Bowl View1 Ash Bowl View2 Yew Pots
Ash platter and  mushrooms 5 Yew  plus 1 Box   Mushrooms 5 Yew and 1 Box Yew bowl 9.5" dia x 5.5" high Ash bowl  8.5" dia  3" high Ash bowl 8.5" dia  3" high Yew grass pot & lidded box
American Walnut Bowl Ash Hourglass Ash Bowl Gavel.jpg (47441 bytes) Bowl & Fruit1.jpg (29612 bytes) Bowl & Fruit2.jpg (28742 bytes)
American Walnut8.8" dia x 4" high Ash hour glass 12" high 6" dia Ash bowl  9" dia x 5" high American Walnut gavel & block this was a commissioned piece Elm fruit bowl with mixed fruit 4" high x 4" dia Same fruit bowl different angle
4 off Hour Glass Ash & American Mahogany Ash Platter Fruitbowls.jpg (39780 bytes) Various turned items Weymouth Pavilion circa 1984 Fruitbowls2.jpg (61556 bytes)
3 Yew and 1 American Walnut hour glass 9.5" high x 6" dia Ash platter nice piece of ripple 14" dia 3 more Elm fruit bowl with mixed fruit 4" high x 4" dia A collection of turned items A craft show at the Weymouth pavillion circa 1984 More fruit bowls
Various turned items Bowl Elm Weymouth Pavilion circa 1984 Various Lamp Stands 3 off Hour Glass English Ash Various turned items
Another collection of turned items Elm burr bopwl 13" dia x 3" deep A craft show at the Weymouth pavillion circa 1984 5 Yew lamp stands 3 Ash hour glass Yet another collection of turned items

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Woodturning Reference and Information Site

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