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This page has been included to allow an exchange of hints tips and any other useful information that you are willing to share with other turners. This information will be displayed for at least 1 month with your name, town and any other details that you would like to be shown. After approx. 1 month your input would be transferred to our general index of information if appropriate. Remember this site is for you woodturners out there so let us know what you would like.
Tip No 1 From Bill Sullivan from Florida USA at
I have been doing some experimenting with drying my turned bowls. I use a combination microwave/convection oven. I turn the bowl to it's final thickness then place it in the microwave/convection oven.  I initially microwave for one minute on high then set the convection oven to 150 degrees and cook at that temperature for one hour. I repeat the microwaving for one minute again then the convection at 150 degrees for another hour.  The bowl is weighed at the start and at the start of each cycle.  I repeat this cycle until it stops losing moisture.  It has worked well so far.
Thanks Bill for sharing your tip

THIS MONTHS INTERESTING POSTING from John Skiffington Johns question was as follows-:  I have recently come across a timber called ' black cabbage bark' it was denoted as a certified timber, it is dark heavy and hard.  Can you please enlighten me as to its properties and uses. Also, what is meant by 'certified timber', presumably this relates to environmental concerns.  
He has since informed me that this timber is listed in the John Boddy catalogue and we wonder if any one has had any experience of working with this wood.

Response from David Chapman  24/03/2001
Yes, I have used it.   I got a chunk from Craft Supplies in Millers Dale but they could not identify the tree - it is not one of their usual products.

It has a very rugged bark and very striking annular rings It turns fairly well, although I have not managed too get a really clean cut where the bark touches the wood. I used it to mount insertion clock movements and these have been very well received.

David Chapman
Dinas Powys, South Wales david.g.chapman.dp@ic24.net

Response from RJ Hetherington 26/03/2001In response to John Skiffingtons' question on Black Cabbage Wood. 
On the hints and tips page of your site.

There is a Reference to this wood/tree on your Timber A to M page

Further information here:

As to the timber being 'certified' this could possibly refer to FSC certified, see:

However it would seem to be a rather rare and endangered tree so 'certification' seems rather unlikely.

Possibly it is another species, namely, Black Cabbage-Bark

Hope this helps.










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