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Woodturning Reference and Information Site 


The aim of the Woodturning Reference and Information Site is  to provide a reference source of relevant and hopefully useful information for wood-turner's, students, and those new to the hobby or just interested in the subject. It is not the intention to duplicate the excellent material already available but to provide a quick easy to find short text on a subject, and to refer the visitor to more detailed information elsewhere if possible.
If we can share the experiences from a wide range of professionals and  amateurs  alike and stimulate a healthy interest in the subject of woodturning and its related areas of woodland management and environmental issues throughout the world we will have succeeded.
The author has a strong commitment to the preservation of our woodlands and forests and the ultimate protection of the amazing wide range of plant species found throughout the world.
As an amateur woodturner I am acutely aware of the importance of professional woodturners and their need to establish realistic market values for products that are sold by them and urge all amateurs to respect this when selling items. 
We make no apology for the lack of gimmicks and glitz on this site and strive to keep the information clear and simple and readily translatable into as many languages as possible.

Alan Green Weymouth, Dorset, England.


Woodturning Reference and Information Site

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