If you have a problem.

If no one else can help,

and if you can find them...

Maybe you can hire

 the A Team



Got an astro problem you cannot sort elsewhere?

Need that vital part made that nobody else will look at?

Scared of outrageous custom machining prices?



Looks like you need to call Ambermile.




(This is Plan B, sucker)





Ambermile is available on a one off machining basis to manufacture interesting or hard-to-get machined custom parts. The wholesale side of things continues, meaning the sought-after piers, mounting systems and other design firsts will still be available through Telescope House and selected other outlets. I would like to thank everyone (bar a few nonces at a certain forum - they will know who they are) for their good wishes during my illness, I am much better now although still having to stomach a huge amount of tablets daily to keep things at bay. As a consequence, the day-to-day machining has had to fall by the wayside I am afraid... this means that I no longer have the stress involved in trying to get parts out and I can concentrate on maintaining decent health levels. It also means that I can make myself available for interesting projects, one-offs that you cannot get made elsewhere, at sensible prices too.

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Intes Alter D6 Mount Dec Axis Stripdown and Rebuild



Ambermile, Norfolk, UK