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How to Build a Trek Cart

One day Mike, a very typical Scout, got thinking about building a Trek Cart. It was just a fleeting thought and her soon dismissed it with a "nnnaahhhh we can’t do that". Yet this idea kept on creeping back soon accompanied with thoughts such as: "It would be really good if we could join in the Trek Cart race". And then came some other thoughts a bit like "I suppose once we have it built we can use it year after year" and then finally came the clincher "well, if all those other teams have done it".

So with that Mike decided to build a Trek Cart, first he looked through the Trek Cart Specifications, "not that complicated" he thought. He soon realised that he could make it out of anything he wanted – an ultra light glass fibre pressed mould with carbon-spoke wheels or maybe ultra strong iron sheets welded together with tractor heels.

Then he realised that with the unit budget and what he had found in his Dad’s shed where a few strips of metal, some chunks of wood and a couple of old bike tires. Thankfully this is all you really need to make a perfect Trek Cart.


That was easy enough, a central T-bar so that we can pull the cart and a big flat piece of wood to make the main cart

You can’t get quicker than a kwik fit fitter or just maybe Mike


I admit that the axle was a bit more tricky, but one of our Ventures, Sharon, knew how to weld the metal together, this gives room for the tires below the main cart

You see the bearings at the centre of the tire mean the wheel can go round while the rest of the cart stays fixed in place


Now this is a nice little lock that means we can easily remove the tires – I am sure there are loads of little improvements that even we didn’t think of though

There we go the tires on either side of the axle set on bearings so that they can go round at different rates, perfect!

With the spare wood we decided to make it so we could carry stuff in the cart. All we had to do was to cut some slots to slide the sides into and it was as easy as….

…0ne, on the side…


…Two, on the other side…


…Three, at the back...


… And finally number four at the front.

So there you have it our finished Trek Cart. It wasn’t really that difficult to do. Of course we have painted it up a bit ready for the event!

All I can say is that I can’t wait to see you all there with your new trek carts

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Last  updated: December 08, 2004.