No Savage Word

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Track Listing

  1. Runaround
  2. Easy Love
  3. Little Miss Freedom
  4. Sometimes
  5. Holiday
  6. Anji
  7. As I lay me Down
  8. Some Kind of Unholiness
  9. Park and Grinners
  10. Waiting For the Blues
  11. Across the Miles

Original vinyl pressing: Deroy

CD and LP re-release:Shadoks 038

























No Savage Word

Mick Stevens: lead & backing vocals, electric guitar, 12 and 6-string acoustic guitars

Warne Livesey: Bass, harmony vocals, Mick Ransome: Drums, John Theedom: guitar and harmony vocals, Des Brewer: Guitar and harmony vocals.

words and music © 1975 Mick Stevens, apart from Runaround , © 1975 Mick Stevens/Julian Rowley
Arranged & produced by Mick Stevens




Originally released in 1975 [Deroy] , re-released on double heavyweight LP and CD with "See The Morning" in 2004 [Shadoks 038]

Recorded in bedroom in Chelmsford using Fender Strat, Yamaha 6-string and even more beaten-up old 12-string on pair of Tandberg 2-track reel-to-reel decks.






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