See The Morning

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Track Listing

1. Smile Again
2. Asher's Song
3. Beach Tree
4. Burning
5. Joe's Kaph
7. Song of the River Spirits
8. The Wheel
9. Salotan Cinonreve

Original vinyl pressing: Deroy

CD and LP re-release:Shadoks 038

























See The Morning

Mick Stevens: lead & backing vocals, electric guitar, 12 and 6-string acoustic guitars,banjo,

Della Thompson: flute

words and music © 1972 Mick Stevens
Arranged & produced by Mick Stevens




Originally released in 1972 [Deroy] , re-released on double heavyweight LP and CD with "No Savage Word" in 2004 [Shadoks 038]

Recorded in student room at Nottingham University using Gibson L-2 acoustic (ca. 1906), Shaftesbury Les Paul copy and beaten-up old 12-string on Tandberg 2-track reel-to-reel deck..

Latest news - Deroy 10" Demo recorded prior to See The Morning now available:

This Morning - Branco -02LP





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