The River

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Track Listing

1 No Survivors Now
2 The Girl Came To Our Town
3 Book Eight
4 '77
5 Crazy For Your Love
6 Suite (To a Seagull
i For The Hell Of It / Seagull Or Rabbit?
ii Time
iii Seagull
7 The River
arrangements of No Survivors Now and the
Seagull Suite assisted by Julian Rowley
Cover design by Mick Stevens.
Photography: Andrew Stevens
an Impy Grinner / Spaceward production






























The River

Mick Stevens: lead & backing vocals, guitars,
Warne Livesey: bass, congas, string synthesizer,
backing vocals, percussion
Stewart Booth: electric piano, organ, synthesizers,
backing vocals
Colin Woolway: drums
Jim Livesey: soprano & alto saxophones,
Della Thompson: flutes

word and music © 1977 Mick Stevens
Arranges & produced by Mick Stevens & Warne
co-produced & engineered by Gary Lucas, July &
August 1977 at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge




Originally released in 1977 [Spaceward SRS 020] , re-released on double CD with "The Englishman " including extra tracks and LBC radio interview [Shadoks 078]

In September ’75 Mick formed the semi-pro band “Impy Grinners” with old friends guitarist Julian “Stan” Rowley and drummer Mick Ransome. Bassist Warne Livesey also came on board and became a major contributor, with Stewart Booth later adding keyboards. The band playedmostly in the South East and had a modest but dedicated following. A particular highlight was a gig at Ronnie Scott’s in London. As well as Mick's songs, such as "Runaround" and others which were never recorded, the set included classics such as Love's "Andmoreagain", Three DogNight's "Liar", Steve Still's "Right Now" and a Steely Dan number chosenfrom a list which included "Do it Again" "The Boston Rag" or "My OldSchool". The latter would always include a couple of long, scorching leadbreaks.


Tired of touring while having to hold down day jobs, the group disbanded in late ’76 / early ’77 after a farewell concert at the ChancellorHall in Mick's home town of Chelmsford. and it was around this time thatMick started planning a new record.Unlike the first two albums, which were recorded in a bedroom using apair of reel-to-reel tape decks, the new record used Spaceward’s 16-track studio in Cambridge. It has more of a band feel, with Stewart andWarne from the Grinners both contributing. Recording began in June '77. As usual, money was tight and with no recording contract, recording timewas severely limited. The rhythm track for the whole record was laiddown in just one session, 4 hours of which were spent just micing up the drums. Mick had to wait a few weeks before he could afford more studiotime and in all only a handful of sessions could be bought on the shoestringbudget, so there was no time for re-takes or polishing up of vocals.The album consisted of entirely new songs, apart from “Seagull” whichhad long been a favourite from the Impy Grinners set, played in its entirety on stage. The opening track features some fine playing on the GibsonSG. Old chum Della Thompson from Nottingham University and the "See The Morning" period was brought in to play flute on a few numbers. John Peel played a few tracks from "The River", including “No Survivors Now ”, on his BBC Radio 1 evening show in October ’77 shortly after thefirst pressings were delivered, commenting that "a lot of good thingswere coming out of Spaceward".







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