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Companion Planting

By Kim Westcott

Companion Planting is the planting together of different plants which benefit each other. It is an age old practice utilized by generations of gardeners as an effective way of creating a beautiful and productive garden without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Companion planting can:
   • nourish and help overcome problems in the soil
   • help with germination and growth in plants
   • control unwanted pests and attract beneficial insects
   • help control plant diseases
   • enhance the flavour of fruit and vegetables and the scent in flowers
   • provide protection from the elements
   • help by creating natural supports

I cannot say if companion planting is completely effective but it has the advantage of being totally organic so there is no danger to myself or the environment. By not using chemicals it makes an inexpensive way of gardening and the mixtures of vegetables and flowers growing together look delightful.

This page contains interesting information and photographs exploring the companion planting combinations I use on my allotments.

This page is in its early stages, and more will be added soon.

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