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My Wildlife Pond Project

By Kim Westcott

Sadly, natural ponds and their inhabitants are rapidly disappearing from our countryside due to building developments and modern agricultural practices. We can never replace these terrible losses but we can help by encouraging wildlife to our gardens by building a pond and providing a haven where water-loving animals and plants can thrive.

Please follow my progress as I create a wildlife pond on my allotment.

This page will contain photographs at each stage of the pond's development, and later as it becomes established.

The Beginning... January 2008

Pond site - January 2008

The above image is a photograph of where I intend creating my pond.

This is a level piece of ground in a sunny, sheltered and quiet position away from the productive vegetable beds. The area is an overgrown fruit garden and dumping ground at present but when cleared it will make an ideal place to start digging.

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