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Information about my amateur radio station
By Andrew Westcott

Information and photos to follow!!
Far too much to do and so little time, but I'll get something resembling a write-up placed here eventually.

I am licensed to operate an amateur radio station here in the UK, and have been issued with two call signs - M6WLM and 2E0WAW. I plan to sit a further examination in the near future to allow me to operate with full privelages.

My main interest in amateur radio rests with the HF bands, also known as the shortwave bands, and to enable operation in this region of the radio spectrum I have three transceivers - two Kenwood TS420S rigs and a Kenwood TS520SE rig. I commonly use single sideband (SSB) and have an interest in digital transmission modes, often firing up the old 520 to operate in BPSK31 mode. I also have a keen interest in CW (Morse code) and am in the process of tackling this - it is a skill not easily won, but once learned is to my mind a superior and beautiful mode, certainly not outdated and defunct as some would have you believe. If in any doubt on this point, just have a listen to the activity in the CW portions of the bands.

My antenna farm, which has all but entirely taken over my miniscule back garden comprises:
Inverted V for 20m with the apex at 7m
Full quarter-wave vertical for 40m
Inverted L quarter wave for 80m

The antennas for 40m and 80m share the same feedpoint, co-axial feedline and radial system.

That'll do for now...