Doddington Village Hall

Benwick Road
Doddington, Nr. March
Cambridgeshire PE15 0TG

Updated: 14th April 2007
Information supplied by
K K Disco

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Turn right at the clock tower, hall is on the right hand side, can't miss it.

200 people.

No stairs, has bollards outside the door, so have to park on the road to unload, then park at the back of the hall. Quite a trek from doors to stage, so wheels might be needed.

Caretaker Issues:
Caretaker opens and locks up. Nice person.

Setting Up:
Stage - Raised 8m x 4.5m stage, stage curtains, wheelchair access, dressing room, backstage area.

Sound Limiter:
There is a limiter.

Power Connection:
12 electrical sockets, at least 4 on the stage area.

Bar Location:
Bar is at other end of hall (stage one end, bar the other), but only used if there is a licensed committee member on the premises.(Bookees provide their own drink.)

Tables Available For Use:
Yes, there are approx 40 tables in cupboards under the stage.

Fuel Stations:
No 24 hour stations in the village.

Mobile Phone Signal:
OK with O2

Additional Remarks:
Wooden floors, blinds and curtains. Smoking allowed in the bar area only. There is a kitchen with kettle, cups etc, just bring your tea/coffee/milk/sugar with you. Lovely hall, nice and clean.

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