Madingley Village Hall

Madingley, Cambridgeshire

Updated: 10th September 2007
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Double S Music Machine

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On the High Street opposite the only pub.

Approx. 100.

From the street - no way of driving around the sides or back so it's park on the road and unload. There is a ramp which is useful. Otherwise a couple of steps up.

Caretaker Issues:

Setting Up:
Stage - top end.

Sound Limiter:

Power Connection:
2 twin 13 amp sockets - 1 either side of stage.

Bar Location:
Opposite end to stage.

Tables Available For Use:
No idea. My equipment is completely self contained.

Fuel Stations:

Mobile Phone Signal:
Yes. (T-Mobile)

Additional Remarks:
I don't usually do village halls but this is relatively unusual. Excellent upmarket caterer-style furniture (comes with it) transformed this hall to make it seem like an intimate restaurant. It's run by a village committee who take it in turns to run the bar. All very helpful and comment was made that they haven't seen such a professional rig when "discos" are at the hall.

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