Bridford Village Hall

Bridford, Devon.

Updated: 28th January 2007
Information supplied by Hot Fusion Mobile Disco

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Bridford Village Hall as seen from the entrance.
Access via the path on the right, hall is the top floor.

Up over the hill towards Bridford from the B3193, turn right at the T-junction at the top, then follow the road around to the left. Up the hill about 200 yards until you reach the last of the houses on the left, where several wheelie-bins will be seen. Turn left here down a very narrow lane - it is signposted, but poorly - and after 75 yards or so turn right into the hall car park. Coming out, if you have a heavy load you might have to get a run at it - it's pretty steep!

Fire regulations stipulate a maximum of 100 people.

A small van can be reversed up the path shown on the right of the photo, or the gear carried up the steps to the door from the car park. Through the door and immediately left through another door, setting up at this end of the hall.

Caretaker Issues:
None known.

Setting Up:
Set up just inside the door - no stage.

Sound Limiter:
No sound limiter.

Power Connection:
There are two 13 amp sockets available, and these have their own earth leakage circuit breaker devices fitted.

Bar Location:
The bar can be located in a room at the far end of the hall, or alternatively downstairs in the conference room. Toilets also downstairs.

Tables Available For Use:
Plenty of tables available.

Fuel Stations:
None anywhere nearby, so make sure you fill your tank.

Mobile Phone Signal:
Intermittent with TMobile, you may have to walk about a bit to get a signal.

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