Tedburn St. Mary Village Hall

Tedburn St. Mary

Updated: 2nd March 2008
Information supplied by Hot Fusion Mobile Disco

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Travelling from Exeter, you would come in along Huishlane End, from the right of the map below:

Nice large hall with a squarish floorplan and a good stage, good for perhaps 150 people. An alternative room is also available for smaller gatherings with room for up to about 40 people.

Easy level access, direct from car park.

Caretaker Issues:
None known.

Setting Up:
Stage available, although this has been prepared for plays etc and so stage scenery and curtains may be in the way. There is room to set up on the floor in front if necessary.

Sound Limiter:
None known.

Power Connection:
One 13 amp power point to the left of the stage at the front. Additional power obtainable from a double 13 amp actually on the stage on the left, with in-built circuit breakers. Note that there is another double '13 amp' socket on the front of the stage, but that this is labelled '5 amp maximum' and the power would need to be switched on - I suggest you don't use this particular outlet as it is obviously for a particular purpose.

Bar Location:
A serving area opening into a room to the right as you enter, could be used for a bar.

Tables Available For Use:
Maybe, but assume no.

Fuel Stations:
No 24 hour ones locally.

Mobile Phone Signal:
Good with T-Mobile.

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