West Hill Village Hall

Beech Park, West Hill Road.

Updated: 2nd March 2008
Information supplied by Hot Fusion Mobile Disco

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Coming in from Exeter on the new A30, exit at the Daisymount junction and head for Exmouth on the B3180. After about a mile, turn left into Bendarroch Road.
See map for further details:

Essentially a sports hall - possibly good for 200 people.

Easy access via car park.

Caretaker Issues:
None known.

Setting Up:
As there is a fire exit at one end, this limits you to setting up on the right hand side, viewed as you enter the room. There is no stage.

Sound Limiter:

Power Connection:
Power points dotted around, but a DJ will need to plug in to a pair of sockets alon one wall so beware trailing leads, and naughty fingers fiddling with the switches during the event.

Bar Location:
No dedicated location.

Tables Available For Use:
A small number may be scrounged if you are lucky.

Fuel Stations:
None nearby.

Mobile Phone Signal:
OK with T-mobile.

Additional Remarks:
Large sports hall, so a bit of a problem with echo and some phase cancellation from the bass units at certain points around the hall.

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