Little Gaddesden Village Hall

Little Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, HP4 1PA

Updated: 6th May 2007
Information supplied by Radiant Sound

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Hall is on Church Road. Find the church at the North end of Little Gaddesden, then turn down Church Road next to it. Church Road is a dead end.
The hall is on the left.

100 dancing.

Ground floor, Double doors at the front, then double doors into the hall.

Caretaker Issues:
Customer was trusted with keys.

Setting Up:
Stage - at opposite end of hall to doors.

Sound Limiter:
Doesn't appear to be.

Power Connection:
A Double socket on both sides of the stage.

Bar Location:
Either kitchen or far end of hall.

Tables Available For Use:

Fuel Stations:
Didn't check, sorry.

Mobile Phone Signal:
No problems there - 'Three'

Additional Remarks:
Quiet little village, but has new estate built near the village hall. No noise complaints though. No problems with smoke machine.

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