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Mark Westcott

About me

A picture of me, Mark Westcott.
Me, Mark Westcott

Hello. My name is Mark Westcott and my date of birth is 2/3/99. This makes me the youngest kid in the house. I'm too young to type all this out really, so my dad is doing it until I learn how to do it myself. I like doing lots of things, and some of them are going on the computer with my brother Paul, riding my bike, I like to play board games, and enjoy going to my nanny's to sleep the night and I also like going on the bus to shops.

Sometimes we all go out to the Bridford Inn to have a meal and a drink, and if we are lucky we might get some ice cream for afters. Then, we sometimes go to see my nanny and grandad in Bridford and maybe go for a walk in some woods or up the lane. Paul and me like to run about in long grass in the fields and play hiding from Mum and Dad, but we aren't really allowed to do this.

Brick pile

A picture Mark with the bricks he helped to stack.
Me and the 110 bricks I stacked up.

Today it is Easter Friday, 2007, and this morning I helped my dad with some bricks. My dad was on the grass that our rabbits use and was getting the bricks out from behind the fence at the end of the grass, and then he passed them over the fence to me and I stacked them all up in a big pile. We got out 110 bricks and I stacked them up by our back garden gate all by myself. We did this because our village hall needed some for some work they had to do, and because my dad had loads in the garden which he didn't need he said they could have some. We put them all by the back gate so that the people could come and get them easily when they needed them. I did squash my finger when I put a brick on top of it right at the end, but it didn't hurt too much and me and dad got the job done, and I'm proud of the big pile I stacked up all by myself.

Our teddies

Cats in their flying frisbee.

These cats are my brothers, and they are hovering on a frisbee a few inches above the ground. This frisbee is their transport but sometimes they go too fast and some of the cats fall off, especially if they are at the back.

The whitey grey one is called Pussy; He's got a ripped off eye as you can see but he is driving so he can't see that well when he is hovering.

The one behind Pussy is Silver (the king of all cats). He is very scared because he is about to fall off and whack his head on the rock-hard ground.

The brown one is Pounce; He does bounce around a lot and Pussy lost his eye ball when Pounce bounced around Silver's palace.

The white one with brouwn ears is called Whiskers. He always has to go into his workshop and is making jet packs for people who fall off Silver's palace because there is water below Silver's palace.

Prance is the one on your left in front of Whiskers. He is hanging off the edge and he wants to drive but he can't or else the saucer will fall and they will all die.

Kooky is the one in the middle with the gold eyes and multicoloured whiskers. He normally gets people away from him with chaos kookies. That is when kookies come out of his mouth and hit people and mostly all cats are alergic to kookies.

My school play

On the 18th of December 2007 we had our school play when I was a wise man that carried the frankincense. I was in a purple cloak with a silver crown. My best friend was Joseph in the play and in the arfternoon play when my nanny was watching in song five I tripped over a mat and my camel Meggan whispered, "careful!"
My brother Paul was a narrator and there were several narrators but I'm not going to write them all out. We don't actually have a picture of the play because my dad didn't bring his CAMERA!

Our Holiday

When we actually got to Mullion (the place we went on holiday) when mum and dad were signing us in to the holiday camp it took aaaaaaaaaaages. But we got in. When we were there (but this wasn't the first day there) guess what happened................ paul (my brother) won a prize for the craziest dancer. When we got back to the holiday camp to tell mum and dad sam (my sister) said "no he wasn't being the craziest dancer he was just being normal" HAHA! In the place we went on holiday there was an arcade and there are cirtan machienes for instants if you get a jackpot you get 100 tickets. Every day i went to the arcade and every day i was dragging tickets to our bungolow in the holiday camp. On the last day or so i counted up all of the tickets and there were about 2000 tickets and i baught loads of stuff with them i baught a teddy that was 1000 tickets and lots of key rings and they were about 10 or 25 tickets.

My new hobby

My newest hobby is pokemon sprites(pokemon that are fused together) What you need to do is get the pictures of the pokemon you want to fuse. I would reccomend pokemon sprite generator. It is a site that you go on to get good pictures of pokemon. To get on it you need to type in on google "pokemon sprite generator" exactly and it should be the top one. What you do is scroll down and you will find three boxes to type in, you need to type the pokemon you want in the boxes. WARNING you have to spell the pokemon correctly for it to come up in the two big boxes above the typing boxes. Once the pokemon pictures come up you right click on the picture of the pokemon and copy them to paint or photoshop. Then you get different parts of the pokemon and attach them to the other ones. I find it quite easy.

Our day at dartmoor

Me, Paul, my mum, my dad, Sam, Sarah and Scott (my sister's boyfriend) went to dartmoor. On the way to dartmoor we had to go in my dad's van because at the time we didd'nt have a car and we had to sit on all of the disco equipment because we were in the van my dad uses to carry the disco things when he does one. It was a long way their and we had a picnic and when i finnished i went to follow the river and see were it lead. A few minutes later Scott came and found me so we started walking together. It started to get boggy so i headed back to were my mum was. Because my dad and paul were searching for stuff aswell as me so i told them through the walkie talkie that whoever got back first got the first strawberry and i won but i didd'nt have one because i don't like strawberry's. When someone left we crossed over the river to where the other people were and i (very cleverly) discovered a place to get across the river without getting wet but the others got there feet wet :p. Half way through the day i climbed a steep hill. Before i started to climb the hill i attempted to jump across the river, and you know what... i fell in!

My trip to hay tor

Me, my brother, my other brother, my dad and my brothers girlfriend went to hay tor. It was VERY cold up there and my brothers girlfriend made us all some sandwiches and brought some crisps and stuff so after we came back from climbing everywhere we could have something to eat. My brother diddn't have his hood up for some reason when everyone else did that was there. The rest of us thought that it was because he diddn't want to mess up his hair after he had put hair gel on it. But on that day we diddn't jut go to hay tor, we also went to the house of marbles. Before we went in the house of marbles we all had a drink. We all watched the marble run for like 15 minites. We were at the house of marbles for a long time aswell. When we were at hay tor my dad found some dried horse poo so he started kicking it around. Me and paul found some ice and we were kicking it around like a football.

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