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Paul Westcott


A picture of me, Paul Westcott.
Me, Paul Westcott.

Hello, my name is Paul Andrew Westcott and my age is 11 years old, I was born in 1997 in March. My hobby is going on my bike and playing with the rabbits, and my best game, I like a game called Quake 3 arena I am good at it but my website is about my life. How i got interested of Age Of Empires is because of my dad he has played it for 3 or 4 years I am good on the hard level if my dad helped me but i am slowly advancing up to be as good as him (i am now on standard). About Quake 3 arena, I am good on my own against my sisters Sarah and Sam. With Sarah i scored 16 and she scored 7. Some times on Quake i blow my self up it was incredible, I also squished my self! I'm also interested of gold what armies used in the olden days, They also used silver but not fools gold but I collected rocks some have silver on them. My life grew quickly after i started to learn about computers and lots of other things like, cannons and Romans.

Things I'm Interested In

A picture of an army.
A picture of an army.

I got interested of wars it's is because, i had a game called AGE OF EMPIRES 2 THE CONQUERORS EXPANSION i know it very well you know. Have you went to the Sealed Knot Taking action in Plympton in plymouth it had my Auntie in try to spot here she has pink socks! It also takes action in Kent it has cannons And muskets and pikeman. The swords are wooden so it could not injure any one on the battle field.When the cannons fired i could hear the earth shaking it went baaaaaaang! Baaaaaaaaaaang! my dad said it was the loudest thing he heard! AND IT WAS!!!

A screenshot of the Age Of Empires game.
Age Of Empires.

On Age of empires, I usually be British in the game and i enjoy playing against my dad once i got defeated a few times but very good one day i played Age of Empires and the Enemy came to attack i was playing against 7 computer players the one that was winning was emp.kavadh it's a funny name for a king, is it????? My dad is good at it and my brother Lee he's also good at it, i take screen shots. Quake 3 arena is a game a very good game that involves monsters. The monsters shoot each other and you and i enjoy exploring arenas swimming in water squishing people also shooting people

A picture of the buns by the side of the pond.
verry verry verry lazy buns.

Hello look at you bunnies! About the look at you's are my sisters rabbits named Nibbles and Thumper they are lucky buns because they get lettuce, carrots, cabbage and dandelions over the fence by Vin our neighbour and we let them out all night long when it is raining they are LUCKY! Thumper is black and Nibbles is brown they have carrots, At westacomb farm we seen a rabbit that was injured we treat the rabbits like wild ones i let them out every day they have grass with a fence around the bunnies, The bunnies have the whole back garden to themselves! They dig and there funny doing side ways circles and jumping! My neighbour Ronald has got 1 rabbit called Snowy.

A picture I drew of Mount Everest and K2.
K2 and Mount Everest.

Mountains like Mt Everest are famous. Do you know Mt Everest is still growing? Here are some mountain names Mt Everest in Himalayas Mt Ben Nevis in Scotland Mt Snowdon in Wales Mt Elbras near Lapaz Hiding mountain Kilimanjaro in Africa Mt K2 in Himalayas and lots more! So do you know any more mountain names?Do you? The picture I drew, which I spent 5,10, 15 or 20 minutes doing it was hard work. The picture is in Himalayas of mountains Everest and K2 and i drew it out very carefully. I'm doing a new picture with more detail in it. The picture is Mt K2 and Mt EVEREST with boulders Can you name the mountain's that are in Himalayas and other mountains?

A picture of a pony on Mardon Down, near Dartmoor.
A pony on Mardon Down.

Horses are rare you know like all horses here are some names of horses,Donkey,Race horses, Colts, Foals, Zebra, Dawn horses, Ordinary horses, Brumbys, Warhorses, Carthorses, Shirehorses, Stallions, Workhorses, Shetlandponies and ponies.(New born foals)After the mare has given birth to her foal she rests for 1minute then the mare and stallion horses licks the birth sack of the foal also if there's danger the zebra yells but if the foal doesn't hear it get's to its feet very quickly.As the foal get's older (he or she)will become a colt.Colt's behave more badly than foals . This is the time when they do work,Eventually human being's use the horses for wars. here are some names of the job's they use them for,Cart pulling,Breeding,Fox hunting all this for horses is horse breeds To find horse breeds pictures please go to this site: Horse Breeds

Part Story, Part Rhyme, Part Hymn

Egypt is sandy Sudan is poor Mexico has pyramids just like Egypt Russia is big Luxembourg is small Hitler's country Germany gets blown to bits, United Kingdom looking down to the ruins of Germany when Poland moves to the south and north pole Norway and Sweden are fed well but greedy Hitler isn't happy at all! Rome is a roman city with romans in if a roman gets killed he or she flies up in the air!!!!!United Kingdom said to Germany you've learnt the lesson and United Kingdom think Hitler had learnt a lesson. in Scotland nessie is quiet scandilised''good gracious''she said she looked at the planet a bullet from Iraq went past her wobbling her so she ate Iraq all up!!!!!!!!!! she said to herself''that was a yummy apple Iraq pie!'' in Miami there was a show in Africa the African elephant was turning mad help! she said help! help! because people are trying to kill me! in Jamaica there was a hurricane and the most popular animal got swept up in the sky 39 weeks later ahhhh chocolate pudding all over the floor! in the Bahamas there were 5 kids going trickle treating one of them opened there door to see a cobra and python and then that kid never came back to that house again in Hawaii it is so hot that the whole of Hawaii was melting because of a volcano!
Written by Paul, aged 7, on 30th October, 2004.

Can Sands Boom? (fact)

Yes. Loud booming sounds occur in deserts when sand dunes are disturbed and sand slips down the steep faces of the dune ,Such roaring sounds have been compared with the noise of aircraft engines starting up at night, Sound like pistols shots may frighten travellers.They occur when desert rocks crack and split.The cracking of rocks is caused by intense heating during the day, Followed by rapid cooling after dark.

Grey Hounds

My brother mark is scared of dogs. more like "terrified!!!!!!!!!!" at the Bridford inn (a pub) there is a old grey hound which is completely harmless. Actually my friend Jessie who has 2 dogs one black one white one grey hound one normal one skinny.Grey hounds are race dogs they are most good at eye sight if you want to know more go to this web site: Greyhounds. Every few days they are raced to get exercise.

My YUGIOH! cards

This is a list of my yugioh cards in my folder:
Red eyes black dragon, Red eyes black dragon, blue eyes white dragon, zure,knight of the dark world, blue eyes white dragon, blue eyes toon dragon, blue eyes white dragon, relinquished, gambler of legend, detonator circle A, exxod, master of the guard, simorgh, bird of divinity, premature burial, moal interceptor cannons, javelin beetle, javalin beetle pact, swords of revealing light, deepsea shark, remove trap, mokey mokey, elemental recharge, harpie lady 2, turtle oath, medusa worm, sea serpent warrior of darkness, paladin of white dragon, card destruction, vanitys call, level down, mystical wind typhoon, emblem of the awakening, masaki the legendary swordsman, great spirit, master and expert, shield and sword, gigantes, dark designator,winged dragon of ra, dust tornado, magical mallet, sakuretsu armor, crystal blessing, hammer shot, rapid fire magician, card destruction, ectoplasmer, masked dragon, reload, mystical space typhoon, hieracosphinx, hieracosphinx, grand convergence, guardian sphinx, trap hole, kumootoko, toonworld, magic cylinder, ectoplasmer, macro cosmos, bottom dweller, thi six samurai-zanji, luster dragon, mass hypnosis, mega morph, aqua madoor, five headed god dragon, monster reborn, pharaohs treasure, shiens castle of mist, ultimate obedient fiend, ultimate tyranno, fox fire, abaki, little winguard, luster dragon 2, masaki the legendaery swordsman, submarineroid, wild fire, flame ghost, mokey mokey king, mystical space typhoon, koumori dragon, chaos end, megarock dragon and 4 starred lady bug of doom.

Club Penguin

My newest hobby is now club penguin it is a very fun game to play and you can sign up for free! it is also a save interactive environment for us children to play and i would also like to say thank-you to the penguins on clubpenguin called Billybob, Screenhog, 23daniel 23 and pastel pink because billybob and screenhog has been brilliant moderators of clubpenguin 23daniel23 for being my best freind/ buddy on club penguin and pastel pink for being the newest person to clubpenguin in our village. if you can please visit club penguin by going on and sign up for it if you don't have a penguin thank-you

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