Title graphic: Salamander

The Boring Stuff:

I'm Sam's Dad, and I'm writing this for the moment as Slarge is too darned lazy to do anything herself although she did create the title graphic and choose the photo on the left. Hopefully if I embarrass her enough with some dodgy content she'll actually do something about it!

This page will eventually contain a bit of info about Samantha Westcott. (Incidentally, her friends call her Sam, and some apparently call her Salamander, hence the heading.)

She will be making some pages on stuff she finds interesting, and these will appear in the list of links on the right, along with some other pages on the web she finds interesting.

Introducing SCOTTY BOY!!
This is the love of her life!!
I'll see if I can nick a picture of him from somewhere... Mwa ha ha ha!


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