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The website of the 80’s band who had hits with

Love Is Just The Great Pretender, Mr Solitaire, Preacher Preacher and Native Boy.





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Latest updates


September 2010 – Unfortunately I’ve not had much time of late to keep this

site updated. But I’ve added some new links to youtube videos in ‘TV  Scene’.

Hope to add some more stuff soon.


May 2009 – At last! I’ve finally got around to updating the site.

The Scrapbook has been revised with many new additions.


January 2009 – Sorry, no updates at the moment. I hope to

add some new scans, photos and information soon.


October 2008 – Still adding more photos.

I’ve also had some items sent by fans – an autographed set list from Tente in Spain

and a 1988 promo picture from Neil in Merseyside. Thanks!

Added a couple of youtube links in ‘TV Scene’.


September 2008 – More new photos have been

added to the photo album.


August 2008 – I am currently changing and updating the site.

Many new photos have been and will be added to the photo

album – thanks to Flid and Andy for these.


April 2008 – More photos added to ‘Photo Album’ – Thanks to Steve and Flid.

New archive interview in Scrapbook and Who’s Who section revised


February 2008 – Photos added to new section: ‘Photo Album’.


December 2007 – Moved youtube links to new section: ‘TV Scene’.

Added some new links.


November 2007 – Some new pictures in the Live section.

Thanks to Billy Chapman and Steve Shanley for sending these.


September 2007 – The Live section has been expanded with reviews, etc.

Two new youtube videos have been added to the links page.


July 2007 – The Who’s Who section has been expanded but I still need more information on

some band members. If you have any info please email me.





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