Gallery of Carved Furniture

All this furniture was carefully hand carved using micro miniature carving tools and a very sharp scalpel.

Dragon Chest
Leaf Chest
Salisbury Chair

Low backed Linenfold Chair

Late 15th Century

Warwickshire Chest

Carved Box Chair

with linenfold panels. C 1540

Carved Norman Stool

Joyned Stool

With Lunette carving on all sides

Small Linenfold Chest

Late 16th Century

Bible Box

early 1600

Document Box

Small Table

mid 1600's

Small Ambry or Livery Cupboard

About 1500

Four Poster Bed

Side Table or Counter Table


Book Slope

15th Century


15th Century

Dunmow Chair

13th Century


Miser's Chest

13th Century

Carved Bench or Bancelle


Second half of 15th Century



14th Century Chest

with carved tilting scene


Carved Chaire with Coffer Seat

& parchemin panelling - 1450

Large carved chest with

Mythical Beasts

Swinging Cradle with carved birds

late 15th Century

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