Fellow Furniture

Below are the five pieces that I made for my Fellow application. I chose these to demonstrate the different techniques needed to make them.

Cluny Table

This table is made of 22 seperate pieces that slot together in different ways and are held with pegs. Each pierced carved panel is different and is done on 1.5mm thick wood carved on both sides.

I have wanted to make this table for a long time since I saw the original in the Musee national du Moyen Age in Paris. It was designed to come apart when they moved from one house to another. The original is damaged probably from being taken apart.



Carved Norman Stool

This is a surprisingly difficult stool to make as it has to slot together perfectly at all different angles. The top fits onto the legs by joints that go right through the seat at an angle and have to fit tightly. The carving on the sides of the legs has to be hollowed out at the back first to make the piercing area less deep and the design is intricate and different each side.



Mythical Beasts Chest

This was a challenge to make as there are so many textures and shapes in the relief carving.

Further details on this can be found on clicking through from the 'carved' section.


Low Backed Linenfold Chair


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