I am an IGMA Fellow.

International Guild of Miniature Artisans


I am a member of AIM - Artisans in Miniature


Petite Properties. Delightful 1/24th houses, each one unique.


Jamie Carrington's delightful characters seen here on my furniture



Trigger Pond Dollshouses. Medieval & Tudor houses in 1/12th & 1/24th



Jill Bennett: See her work and have achance to buy the last of her dolls as Jill is no longer making any new ones. Individually designed dolls from any period, with porcelain heads and wired to pose.

Jill's Medieval and Tudor dolls are quite superb. All dolls have an individual character.

click here for two figures seen with my furniture

There is a link from this website to K Designs, run by Jill's daughter, Kate Pinsent, who does a delightful range of 1/24th dolls, including Medieval & Tudor characters.


Merry Gourmet Miniatures:

1/12 scale Medieval -Tudor, Georgian and Victorian food- carefully researched and beautifully presented.


Vic has now retired but his website is still online to view the houses he made.

Vic Newey:

Vic made, as well as other atmostpheric old buildings, a one-twentyfourth Medieval castle on a rocky cragg. My furniture looks superb in this setting. For an example click here

Priska Groetsch:

Priska is an IGMA Artisan and makes dolls of different periods including Tudor and Elizabethan. They are dressed in gorgeous fabrics with delicate jewellery and sumptuous headresses.

Buttercup miniatures:

miniature knitting & crochet patterns & kits for period accessories from Tudor to present day

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