The Maker - Ann High

All the furniture is carefully hand carved and made by me.

I have always enjoyed and made miniatures. In the past I have also been a theatre designer and designed and made costumes and scenery for the open air theatre at Hever Castle in Kent. I have also studied pottery and fabric printing, embroidery and clay modelling.

I am a Fellow of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans.

I enjoy researching in my own library about early furniture, houses and social history. I also research on the Internet and at the National Art Library in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. When I can, I travel to see original furniture and houses, taking photographs and measurements. I find the medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods a very rich, colourful and interesting time in our history. I am also interested in European furniture as more examples have survived in warmer climes. Early American carved and painted furniture is also fascinating.

I also take inspiration from illustrated manuscripts and paintings by artists of the period. Whilst realising that artistic license often means that there may be inaccuracies in such records, these are the most accurate pictures that we can source. I also look at wills and inventories, although lacking in illustration they are full of fascinating details.

It is the carving which I most enjoy.

In experimenting to find a finish that looked authentic I discovered that my method is very similar to the original! As they are polished with wax all the care they will need is an occasional buff and a little good quality natural wax every year or so.

I have a large file of ideas for furniture still in the planning stage, so watch this website for new arrivals.

All items are made in 1/12th scale but I am now producing as many of my designs as are possible in 1/24th

Commissions welcome.



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