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Family of Isaac VALLENTINE and Sarah GREEN

Husband: Isaac VALLENTINE (1792-1868)
Wife: Sarah GREEN (1800- )
Children: Phillip VALLENTINE (1827?-1906)
Sheva 'Sylvia' VALENTINE (1833-1915)
Marriage 3 Mar 1824 Aldgate (Hambro Synagogue), Middx, London1

Husband: Isaac VALLENTINE

Sex: Male
Father: Nathan Isaac bar Breslau VALLENTINE (1770?- )
Mother: Spouse ?Deborah? (w of Nathan B) VALLENTINE ( - )
Birth 1792 Belgium
Residence 1841 (age 48-49) Aldgate (St Botolph), Middx, London2,3
23 Stoney Lane
3 servants (a mother and 2 daughters)
Occupation 1841 (age 48-49) Printer2
Originally apprenticed as a watchmaker but eventually took to the same business as his father. From 1837 he branched out into the publication of Almanacs, including the Hebrew-English almanacs used by immigrant Jews who tramped the country as pedlars.

The production of these calendars was closely allied to the world of periodical publishing, and Vallentine had acquired a good deal of experience in this field before he took the next step of starting a newspaper.
Residence 1851 (age 58-59) Aldgate (St Botolph), Middx, London3
23 Stoney Lane
Residence 1861 (age 68-69) Aldgate, Middx, London
St Botolph

Isac Valentine 65
Sarah Valentine 60
???? Welch 22 (Servant)

NB: Ancestry Census image unreadable - address may be 5 Stoney Lane (certainly near Cooks Building)
Death 3 Feb 1868 (age 75-76) London, Middx, England4
Mar 1868 Valentine Isaac (Aged 75) - E. London 1c 4
Burial 1868 Lauristan Road Jewish Cemetery, London
Inscription: Isaac VALLENTINE who died on the 10th Shevat 5628 aged 76 years respected and esteemed by all who knew him. The founder of the Jews Orphan Asylum and assisted in forming many literary and charitable institutions.

The history of Norwood dates from 1795, when financiers Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid invited subscriptions for the foundation of a Jews' Hospital. In 1807 the Jews' Hospital, known as Neveh Zedek (Abode of Righteousness), was formally opened in Mile End.

By 1860 it had become overcrowded, and plans were made to move the hospital to the country. Barnett and Isabella Meyers presented the organisation with eight acres of land in West Norwood, South London, and a building to accommodate 220 children was erected at a cost of 20,000. Sir Anthony Rothschild laid the foundation stone in 1861.

"Meanwhile, in 1831, the Jews' Orphan Asylum had been established in the East End, following the death of Mr and Mrs Noah Assenheim. The couple had left their eight [maybe only 3] children in the care of Abraham Green [not Isaac Valentine who was founder of the Jewish Chronicle and Green's brother-in-Law] - "a humble purveyor of cucumbers and olives'"

During the great Cholera epidemic of the 1830, a Jewish East End cucumber seller, Abraham Green, drew Jewish public attention to the wreteched condition of Jewish orphans. Honen le Yetomim (Pardon for the Orphan), the institution established by the Great Synagogue for relieving and educating orphan children, was restrcited in the number of orphans it could accommodate. Green's 'rachmunes' (compassion) was aroused by three destitute children named Assenheim whose parents had died during the epidemic.Green left his stall to collect money in his cucumber basket, for the maintenance of the children, carrying two of the children and leading the third.

Largely through the support of Isaac Valentine, founder of the Jewish Chronicle and Green's brother-in-Law, additional funds were collected for the establishment for the Jews' Orphans Asylum in Goodmans Fields, later the Norwood Jewish Orphanage (Roth 1950: 221-2)

A benefit concert for the children was held at the Surrey Theatre and a house in Leman Street was obtained for the children. In 1846, a home for 40 orphans was built at Tender Ground. This was later enlarged to accommodate 61 children.

Alternate Names

Jews' Hospital and Orphan Asylum

Wife: Sarah GREEN

Name: Sarah GREEN2
Sex: Female
Father: Ephraim 'HaLevi' GREEN (1768-1821)
Mother: Judith ASHER ( - )
Birth 27 Jun 1800

Child 1: Phillip VALLENTINE

Name: Phillip VALLENTINE2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah PIMENTEL FONSECA (1826-bef1891)
Birth 1827 (cal) Aldgate, Middx, London5
Occupation 1851 (age 23-24) Printer Compositor; London, Middx, England3
Residence 1851 (age 23-24) Aldgate (St Botolph), Middx, London
6 Stoney Lane
Servant: Bridget Ryan
Occupation 1861 (age 33-34) Publisher & Bookseller6
Residence 1861 (age 33-34) Finsbury (St Giles), Middx, London6
34 Alfred Street
Nursemaid: Rebecca Mudy
Servant: Susan Paint

Nephew = Solomon Fonseca (aged 8)
Residence 1871 (age 43-44) St Giles in The Fields, Middlesex
34 Alfred Street
1871 Residents:-
Philip Vallentine 44
Sarah Vallentine 44
Nathan Vallentine 19
Rachel Vallentine 17
Sarah Vallentine 15
Joseph Vallentine 13
Isaac Vallentine 11
Moss Vallentine 9
Ephriam Vallentine 7
Jacob Vallentine 5
Benjamine Vallentine 3
Rebecca Isaacs 21 (Boarder - Print Compositor)
Sarah Ann Notto 27 Nursemaid
Mary Jane Tindall 21 General Servant
Occupation btw 1871 and 1881 (age 43-54) Bookseller and Printer; St Giles in The Fields, Middlesex
Residence btw 1881 and 1891 (age 53-64) St Giles in The Fields, Middlesex
9 Huntley Street
1881 Residents
Philip Valllentine 54
Sarah Vallentine 54
Sarah Vallentine 80 Phillip's mother
Nathaniel P. Vallentine 29
Isaac Vallentine 21
Ephraim Vallentine 17
Jacob Vallentine 15
Benjamin Vallentine 13
Esther Hyams 2 Phillip's Grandaughter
Ann Saunders 63 Dom Servant
Phoebe Benham 28 Dom Servant

1891 Residents
Philip Valentine 64
Sara B Hyams 35 (Daughter)
Ephraim Vallentine 27
Phabe Benham 37
Rebecca Meedy 49
Death 1906 (age 78-79) St Giles, Finsbury

Child 2: Sheva 'Sylvia' VALENTINE

Name: Sheva 'Sylvia' VALENTINE2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaac M SECKEL ( - )
Birth 1833
Death 1915 (age 81-82) New York, USA

Note on Husband: Isaac VALLENTINE (1)


Note on Husband: Isaac VALLENTINE (2)

Jewish Chronicle


See also Saul de Abraham Henriques Valentine (1844-1934) who was responsible for revival of The Jewish Chronicle in 1878 - a Vallentine - Valentine family link is yet to be proven


Other involved Vallentine/Valentines


Nathan Isaac Vallentine

Samuel Vallentine

Moss Valentine


Isaac Vallentine took a keen interest in education and enlightenment. He helped to set up the Jewish Association for the Diffusion of Religious Knowledge in 1828, and the Jews' Orphan's Asylum in Mile End in 1831. He was involved in the evening classes in Sussex Hall promoted by London Jews for poor Jewish Artisans, a sort of Jewish Mechanics Institute. This predeliction for educational work reflected the concerns of an enlightened European Jew, but it was also intended to counter the activities of Christian missionaries preying on poor Jews in London. Like most Jews, and press men, of the time he was a Liberal by political conviction.


In the summer of 1840, Vallentine approached two talented young men to produce the Jewish Chronicle. He picked David Meldola (1797-1853) the minister at the Spanish & Portugese Synagogue, and Moses Angel (1819-1898), a graduate of University College London who was a teacher at the Jews' Free School.


Although Vallentine successfully recruited his editorial team he experienced trouble securing the necessary finance for the project. A prospectus was produced and circulated, but in the end he was his own printer and publisher - a not uncommon way of achieving economies.


The delay of several months meant that the Voice of Jacob [Franklin] appeared first, which must have placed The Jewish Chronicle at severe disadvantage.



Note on Husband: Isaac VALLENTINE (3)

Isaac's marriage record on Synagogue scribes echos that of Abraham (father's Hebrew name indicated as Nathan Breslau)


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