Dear Human Reviews
Drowned In Sound - "The next time you are down, dont reach for the bottle or drugs, reach
for Ardency + be happy, if only for an hour"

Organ Magazine (scroll down to 'NEW ALBUMS WE’RE LISTENING TO THIS WEEK……)
"Fine fine fine"

Plug Magazine - "I predict great things for this band" - “A sonic delight from start to finish” 

Nottingham Evening Post
“Ardency mix the fluid ambience of the Floyd, with the disgruntled gruffness of Indie”

Contact Music - "every  track tells its own story and is original in its own divine right"

Live Reviews
Saggy Pants - "This was an epic performance "
Solve Records
"The music was incredible, peaceful, exciting and intense all at the same time."

Demo Reviews
Organ Magazine - "think unassuming glowing rewarding beauty, rather recommended."  
Yellow Noise - "Throughout all wonderfully consistent 8 tracks,  Ardency don’t so much reflect 
the mood,but  create it."