Thursday 15th March 2007
Site Changes

I am thinking of changing this site and making it into a blog. It takes too long to manage all these pages now and a blog would be much easier as the pages are archived automatically.

Here is the test blog

It isn't quite finished yet. I need to upload a few more pages and do a few tweaks. Let me know what you think.

Friday 9th March 2007
The Phony Awards

Here are the winners for 2006.

The Nostradamus Award for the Best Prophet

1st Joseph Jacobs 43%
2nd John Hogue 11%

The Nancy Lieder Award for Outstanding Contributions to False Prophecy, or the psychic who you think sucks the most
1st Sean David Morton 43%
2nd Sylvia Browne 27%

2006 Inductee to the True or False Hall of Shame
Sylvia Browne 35%

The Uri Geller Award for Worst Prediction
1st Sylvia Browne 68% - she knew the West Virginia miners would be found, then later changing her mind and said she didn't think there's anybody alive, after she heard that the original news report was wrong.

2nd Sean David Morton 9% - There will not be a political power shift this year. The democrats will not make up any ground

The Art Bell Award for Best Prediction
1st Joseph Jacobs 51% - Tony Blair will have a rough year after May and may be thinking of leaving or may be forced to leave.

2nd Hans King 17% - There will be talk of impeachment before March/April or May.

Overall a good or bad year for the psychics?
Bad 85%

Thanks for voting

Sunday 3rd September 2006
Ed Dames

Here are the latest predictions from Ed Dames. He was talking with Art Bell.

Ed has another major breakthrough in his remote viewing technique. He now says he can predict the outcome of football and baseball games. He claims his partner can predict longshot winners. Well his last new technique hasn't done him any good, so I am not holding out much hope on this one.

Art challenged Dames to try and pinpoint his location in Manila using his other new GPS remote viewing technique.

Natalee Holloway's body will be found in shallow water near in oil refinery in Aruba.

Art gave Dames a hit about North Korea detonating a nuclear weapon. Dames said last year he had predicted they would test one and then they would use on. He also claimed this is in the archives. In the past he has said the Koreans would test a nuclear weapon in the sea. On another occasion he said they would use one in anger and it would be the start of World War III, but then this would be overshadowed by the appearance of the Planet Niburu. On another occasion he said it would be overshadowed by the killshot. On 10th April 2005 he said he should know soon the date for this event. He never came back with a date.

His new theory is that China will allow the Korean's to detonate a weapon underground. The US will surround them ready to come in to stop another evil axis member. China will offer to intervene, or will allow a war to begin so that the US expends more of its resources. China will then intervene but say hands off Taiwan when we take it back.

After this use of a nuclear weapon by North Korea something extreme will happen to the Sun.

China will surpass the US as the worlds superpower.

He sees the contamination of genetically modified crops. The damage it will do worldwide is worse than anyone could ever imagine.

He stands by his predictions about babies dying from problems with milk, and also his prediction about the killshot.

Art asked if he had nailed down a time for the killshot yet. Dames made an excuse was that he is still researching how to pin down time and dates. He said he would like to first be able to pin down events to within a month at first.

Birds are about to start to migrate and many of them are carrying the Bird Flu virus and are about to spread it globally.

Solar flares (his Killshot) will start very soon. They will dry up the fresh water and melt the glaciers. Wars over water will start.

He says we have 6 or 7 years, maybe a decade to survive.

A rust fungi will mutate and this will kill off all the wheat, rice etc.

Two thirds of humanity, plants, trees, seas will all be gone when this happens.

There is some massive body that could be Planet X that will cause a lot of solar flares.

Art then went to the phonelines and asked Ed if the callers could come up with some interesting subjects for him to remote view. Dames made the excuses that he was too busy moving to Ukraine, too busy preparing to get married, and too busy finding missing children.

US ports are the most vulnerable, a nuclear weapon will not be smuggled into the US in the near future.

A caller asked Ed why he hadn't taken Randi's million dollar challenge. Dames said the challenge is loaded, and that no matter what he did he would lose. He saw no reason to take the challenge as now he can go to Las Vegas and win a million dollars and have more fun. So why does he bother selling the dvd's and teaching courses?

Monday 26th June 2006
Scumbag of the Moment - Michael Horn Goes on the Attack

This week I received an email from Michael Horn. For those of you who have never heard of this shady character Mr. Horn represents alleged UFO contactee Billy Meier. Now I have no interest in the Billy Meier case. I have always thought Mr. Meier's pictures to be fake and that goes for the rest of the story, but I have never publicly said so. Mr. Meier claims to be in contact with aliens. These aliens allegedly give out predictions concerning the future of our planet. That is why I have a couple of pages documenting some of these.

So on Saturday 17th June I received this email out of the blue.

I think that you should read an article of mine, from 2004, and some other info on the Meier case, since you appear to have lumped him in with people who have very questionable records of accuracy. After you have done your homework, you should offer either a credible, substantiated debunking or a very comprehensive public apology regarding the Meier case. Oh yeah, I couldn't find your name anywhere. Are you simply another debunker who hides anonymously, without the courage to to present himself truthfully? Hey, maybe you'll make room for the info below on your site, you know, in the interest of fairness...right?

Full Story click here

Tuesday 7th March 2006
Sylvia Browne - Caught Hook, Line and Sinker

Isn't it great when a so called psychic messes up live on air. Isn't it even better when the so called psychic is world famous Sylvia Browne. Not only is she exposed as a scam on national radio, but the whole show was broadcast worldwide via the internet. I was so disappointed not to hear it live, but Coast to Coast still carry the show on their Streamlink, so I didn't miss out on the fun. more.......

Wednesday 1st March 2006
UFO Watchdog Rates Morton's Predictions for 2005

Please be sure to visit UFO Watchdog's section on Sean David Morton
Here Morton's predictions for 2005 are tallied up and his accuracy is measured. His accuracy for 2004 was a terrible 4.16%. This year he does a bit better with an accuracy of 18%. We are constantly told Morton has more hits than Barry Bonds. Being English I don't know much about baseball, but if this statement is anything to go by then Barry Bonds must have been one real crap baseball player.

Wednesday 1st March 2006

Psychic Calendar 2006

January 14th People will need to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

January 22nd Death/drama/police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

January 29th Explosions/earthquakes/tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

By January gold will be at $525 - Sean David Morton
True. It reached the high $560's.

January is a disaster month, we will see a lot of financial losses - Joseph Jacobs

End of January until May 15th Bush will have a difficult time, people will be leaving his administration - Joseph Jacobs

January 17th until April 30th North Korea seems ok. They seem to be opening up more to other nations - Joseph Jacobs


February 11th People will be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

February 19th More terrorists attack. More dramatic news involving death and the police - Dr Louis Turi

February 26th Explosions and earthquakes - Dr Louis Turi

US will attack Syria in the next 6 months - Sean David Morton

March 8th People will be forced to relocate again because of either an earthquake, an hurricane, a tornado or a volcano eruption - Dr Louis Turi
The San Cristobal volcano in Nicaragua started spewing gas and ash on Monday 6th March, althought experts say it wasn't as bad as in December 2005. ***UPDATE*** Having looked into this I found this website If you look there is hardly a day goes by when there ISN'T an earthquake somewhere in the world.

March 13th He didn't want to tell us what was going to happen in case he scared people - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. George Noory gave Turi a hit on this one. I won't.

March 19th Another terrorist attack - Dr Louis Turi

March 25th More earthquakes and explosions - Dr Louis Turi

There will be talk of impeachment before March, April or May - Hans King

March 22nd and July 3rd there will be a blockage in the United States, including legal situations in March/April - Joseph Jacobs
Wrong for March 22nd.

Major changes in the stock market - Sean David Morton

April 6th People will once again be forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. The US experienced more tornadoes but not on the 6th.

April 14th Even more terrorist attacks - Dr Louis Turi

April 21st Earthquakes and explosions, plus he throws in a tornado to really get things going - Dr Louis Turi

Three earthquakes to hit April to October in Northern California - Sean David Morton

May 13th Terrorist attack - Dr Louis Turi

The mortgage bubble will pop sometime around May and through the summertime - Sean David Morton

Tony Blair will have a rough year after May and may be thinking of leaving or may be forced to leave - Joseph Jacobs

May 14th until July 4th is a tough time for Israel - Joseph Jacobs

US to go to war with Iran in June - John Hogue

June 7th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong about the terrorism. Turi is claiming Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's killing as a hit for this one. The US bombing of a known terrorist leader is not the same as a a terrorist act. Death and drama he could be given a hit for though.

June 16th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

June 26th People will have to relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Not on the 26th, but on the 28th people are fleeing the mid-Atlantic floods

By June/July gold will hit $725 - Sean David Morton
Wrong for June. Gold is hovering around the $580 mark.

Late June oil prices will drop - Sean David Morton

July 6th Some police corruption scandal will come to light - Dr Louis Turi

July 13th Explosions and earthquakes - Dr Louis Turi

July 23rd is another date were we have to be careful - Dr Louis Turi
July 23rd Hurricanes/tornadoes/thousands of people forced to relocate - Dr Louis Turi

July 26th until September 16th is a difficult time for New York - Joseph Jacobs

According to Bible Code experts, August 3rd is a possible date for a sneak atomic attack against Jerusalem - Sean David Morton

August 1st Terrorism/dramatic news/police - Dr Louis Turi

August 9th They are back, explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi
August 9th Explosions/earthquakes/news involving nuclear exchange or nuclear deals - Dr Louis Turi

August 19th Thousands of people will be forced to relocate because of natural disaster - Dr Louis Turi

August 20th Beginning/ending of portion of life. I think he means relocate - Dr Louis Turi

August 30th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

August. Health issues, natural disasters and war - Joseph Jacobs

August will see some sabre rattling from North Korea - Sean David Morton

September 7th The dreaded explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes once again - Dr Louis Turi

September 16th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi

September 25th The police are at it again, death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

Stock Market will crash in September/October - Sean David Morton

Oil prices will readh $100 a barrel - Sean David Morton


October 6th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi

October 12th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi

October 22nd Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi


November 9th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

November 19th Relocate. - Dr Louis Turi

November 26th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes. - Dr Louis Turi

December 7th Relocate - Dr Louis Turi
Wrong. Turi missed the boat on this one, he should have said tornado. A tornado made the news when unusually London was hit by one. But I guess he will try and claim it as a hit.

December 17th Death/drama/Police/secrets/terrorism - Dr Louis Turi

December 24th Explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes - Dr Louis Turi