Friday 7th January 2005
Ellie Crystal

New York psychic Ellie Crystal claims to have predicted all the major events in the world since 2000. That is of course if you believe her website. The only way to know if she is for real is to record her 2005 predictions here and see how they turn out. Also I will record them as they are on her site so it can be checked to see if she alters them at the end of the year.

Well here we are arriving on the shores of another new year, 2005 - in the aftermath of the earthquakes and tsunamis - painting indelible images within our memories.

Each year there is generally one event that outshadows all the others in the news. These changes are predictable in the Ring of Fire - especially as the program cycles down to zero point. They become more intense with each event - another push - like a woman pushing out a new baby - a new birth - each painful push bringing us one step closer to the new delivery - 9 months for a delivery - completion of 9=endings - swollen feet=souls that can't stand up for a long time - break that water and get that baby out!

This is all part of the process.... and filters in a little at a time - with one big push a the end of the tail/tale!

As I wrote a few predictions for this column - I realized that I make predictions as I write my columns throughout the year. It is not easy to get an exact fix on major events when reality is so fluid especially at this part of our journey.


Nothing major happens over the next few months as the planet recovers from the tsunamis in Asia. Remember the manner in which events cycle. A major event must be followed by a period of recovery and balance in the grid - mental health moments! The Earth grid mimics human behavior.

We move along to the spring.

The death toll from the tsunamis will set records and take months to count. The aftermath of the disaster leads to other Earth changes in the months ahead - there is no going back - [metaphysics 101]. The tectonic plates are slip slidin' away. 2005 will not run silent but it will run deep. This is the grand finale our souls returned here to experience - like a second turn on the roller coaster [symbol of karmic wheel] - and the reason we linger aimlessly in this stupid program - so sit back and observe! You can't change the program! Don't let anyone tell you that it can be done or we would all be living peacefully now!

As with all of this experience - reality is created by patterns - the patterns are predictable - human behavior is predictable - as all is programmed - predictions for any year are predictable - but who will foresee the 'major' event that spikes the grid in 2005? No one!

Healing and related modalities are common sense. You can do it with guidance when you are not afraid of detaching from the familiarity of the 3D grid. To heal is to realize the truth and detach from all games.

Predictions are common sense.

Remember the cycles ...

Meltdown ... to zero point

Ecology - Meltdown of planet Earth escalates at an alarming rate. [metaphor for consciousness frozen in time awakening.] Weather patterns set records - the poles are shifting. Not a great year on the east coast - hurricane season will be bad but nothing like 2004.

Watch out for tectonic plate movement. You may hear them shift.

Animals - Where did all the animals go during the tsunami? There were no dead animals - Did they have quake warning? BBC None were found dead. Did they sense the event and run to safety? Was this a 6th sense? Did they hear the tectonic plates move? Was this event an insert that did not include the animals as a clue to reality being a hologram?

The frequency of the planet and the shifting magnetics will drive humans more crazy - disoriented - not to mention even more strange animal behavior than in the past.

The weather is often the barometer for our behavior and moods. Would you believe the temperatures hit over 60 degrees here in NYC on January 1st? Expect the unexpected - or study up on the information that explains the unusual weather patterns and Earth changes around the world.

We are not finished with solar maximus!

Increased UFO sightings but they are not the ET type - government - nothing exciting - same for crop circles!

Mt. St. Helens is due to blow - Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii and Mt. Popocatepetl [Popo] in Mexico are not far behind. Popo is a major signifier for the end of time. It's the volcano with the UFO's. Whose ships are those anyway?

Do you ever wonder why no one has gone to the sacred sites and come back with concrete proof - photos and more about ET's? It won't happen in 2005.

What about Nessie? Can't anyone find her even using satellite equipment. She is real - is not a monster and appears to be a 'he'. What do they really see from up there? Not in 2005.

Healing - We continue to heal and balance - issues with tissues stuff - working on ourselves in light of great challenges.

Consciousness continues to expand - we are waking up! You read my columns about reality being a VR program - but do you really understand what that means?

VR always reminds me of Arnold Schwartzenagger who will run for president as the laws change.

Prophecy After the earthquake and tsunamis in Asia - people will seek an end time date - as the game plays out. They will look to Revelations - do the math - and the usual things people do. Don't knock yourself out! They are all wrong - as are you. Don't try to second guess the program! It already ended - we are catching up! Sit back and watch and wait!

Terrorism hits the UK and US this year - but injuries do not seem extensive. The suicide bomber scenario expands around the globe - but there is more to this than meets the eye as I see infighting among the ranks.

The year is filled with fire to me - war - Earth changes - revolution - they could go after Bush this year and something about Donald Rumsfeld. The war continues - secrets - coverups continue - the usual stuff. The war moves beyond Iraq - Syria - like seeping water.

Is that really Hussein on trial? He will not be assassinated - but I never saw him lasting through a long trial. More cover-ups...

Osama is back in the news alive and kicking. Why can't anybody take that man out?!

Michael Jackson is guilty - do you care?

Tony Blair is re-elected. Boom!

Are these the final days for the Pope? for religion? It's time! The Pope is the 'Place Holder'. The Da Vinci Code is basically correct - but does any of that matter? Much ado .... Jesus will not return.

Technology is the place to watch - many companies cannot keep up with the rapidly expanding changes and merge or fold.

Stem cell research is where it's at once again.

No cure for cancer and AIDS

Ebola is on the loose.

Human cloning secret project exposed - it reads like sci-fi.

Space is in the news as always - nothing hits Earth and never will. More from the Rovers which wows us! We were not created by a race of Martians - yet I still see that fly-by from which is captured on film.

The economy appears to rebound - but not really - job loss continues in many places. More earnings in the stock market. Little venture capitol. Real estate investments are still good.

Interesting new ways to travel - how about a portal?

New records set in sports and few surprises in the summer. I still see NYC getting the 2012 summer Olympic bid.

Archaeologists dig deeper and add pieces to the puzzle. Cycles - Egypt was in the news as a major player in this game - then Egypt became quiet - it will resurface in 2005. There's always one more bone and artifact - but never will there be a missing link - not even an alien - nothing under the sphinx and pyramid - just metaphors - more stuff to awaken consciousness. Atlantis and Lemuria will never be found - wrong grid programs - but the search is what it is all about - the quest for our identity...