Miscellaneous Predictions
This page will include one off predictions made by callers or by people who make the odd prediction but who don't really merit a page of their own.

So the first one, I have been asked to add this to see what happens.

Patrick from Tennesse on air with George Noory on the Friday night Saturday morning show of Nov. 7 - 8th. had a premonition of Las Vegas being destroyed by a wave on Feb 13th 200? He could not recall the year however. Later, when thinking about the premonition and how this could even be possible in the desert, he thought it might mean that the Hoover dam would give way or be destroyed, flooding Las Vegas with an enormous wave.

Back in 97 or 98, that time machine guy in Nebraska, Steven Gibbs, said that he had travelled on one of his machines into the future and that a huge day of a terrible Earth shift of some sort would occur on July 9, 1999.

Monday 5th July 2004

Caller to Art Bell stated he knew a man called Elgon (L 'gon) who lives in a park, who predicts traffic accidents and other prophecies like Jeffery Dahmer and the death of Ronald Reagan. The caller claims Elgon has "never been wrong".

Apparently someone just like Prophet Jack in "Life or Something Like It"...

Elgon told the caller that on July 10th at 7pm local time (9am Eastern US) there would be a magnatude 7.2 earthquake on the Afghan-Pakistan border. A few weeks later, the world would hear that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in a cave collapse caused by this quake.

Well, Elgon - or the caller was WRONG.

While there was a 4.3 earthquake on FRIDAY JULY 9th at 5:50am (local);and a 6.2 earthquake on SUNDAY JULY 11th at 7:08am (local);both these quakes were 350 to 450 miles DUE EAST on the China & India border.

There were NO quakes registered on the Afghan-Pakistan border during this time.

Supplied by Jim, Coast to Coast listener

James Van Praggh - Saturday 20th December 2003

JVP is concerned about a possible water contamination in US.

Lyn Buchanan - Saturday 10th January 2004

There used to be an ancient civilisation on Mars that died off because of change in the climate.

Sylvia Browne - Saturday 7th February 2004

Two or three months ago Sylvia was appearing on the Montel Williams show. She predicted that John Kerry would win the nomination. The election would be another like the Bush v Gore affair, but Bush would win she was sorry to say.

Stuart Wilde - Friday 5th November 2004

Today Stuart Wilde appeared on Coast to Coast with George Noory. He was alarmed because he had a recurring vision of a huge earthquake that would happen off the coast of Seattle the next day 6th November. Before he told of his vision he stated that he had already had 30,000 other visions, 200 of which he had documented on his website, and when asked how accurate he was he replied his visions were 100% correct.
Well of course the next day nothing happened in Seattle. I guess thats 30,001 visions and 1 incorrect now Stuart.

Brando Cano - Monday 14th March 2005

The first thing that comes to me is that there is going to be more war. There will be another war that will break out somewhere around the Middle East because of Iraq. We are going to expand that war. Instead of containing it and getting it smaller and bringing our troops home, I see more troops going in.

Osama Bin Laden will die this year, and probably before he can be captured.

The economy is going to be better in some areas than in others. War items and war necessities will help to improve that particular aspect of the economy, but the rest of the economy in this country will not improve. There will be escalating prices that create an inflationary situation.

I am actually seeing something that looks like a civil action or uprising within this country in probably no more than six months.

We are going to have a lot more alien contact. Our space brothers and sisters will be seen very clearly and plainly. There will be no guessing as to whether or not something is a UFO. Sightings will increase a great deal and by larger numbers to a point where there will be little doubt in the general public. It will be of such an increase that even nonbelievers will surely become believers as well. I want to release anyone of any fear as this is totally in a friendly basis. With visibility some of the fear will be released. When it becomes more of an everyday occurrence, there is more of a comfort level.

There will be more tropical storms, not to the great extent that we have just witnessed with the tsunami in Sri Lanka and the neighboring areas, but there will be more tropical storms that will be devastating and some even in Florida.

We will have more flooding. I want to go in Michigan and surrounding areas, as well as Idaho and Washington.

California will also have its natural disasters as they always do.

There is going to be another high-profile rape involving one of our top stars. I am not going to name names, but he will have done it.

J.Lo may get pregnant and have a baby. She will take some time off to raise her baby for at least a year or two. I don't feel like she and Marc Anthony will stay, but I do feel that she may have his baby before she ends up getting divorced.

Michael Jackson may end up being convicted of some crimes. It will be difficult to prove, but there will be others coming forward to accuse him.

Britney Spears is going to have a child. She actually wants a couple of children so we'll see how quickly she'll have them back-to-back. She wants some motherhood experience as soon as possible, so I would say she would be pregnant by the end of this year.
Not hard to predict this one as Britney Spears has been seen shopping in baby clothes shops. Also in a recent interview she stated she couldn't wait to have a baby.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are going to stay together, at least for this year. They are having too much fun and making too much money. They are both too smart to screw that up. They love each other and they will work out some difficulties. She is outshining him but he knows that she has a short run of it. Over this next year, they are still laughing all the way to the bank and doing it together.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. I feel like there might be a baby making for them this year. Even though they broke up.

More and more gay comedy or variety shows will be coming out on television even though we have gay shows now there will be complete gay shows where the entire cast is gay and geared for nothing but entertainment and fun.

President Bush will have health problems----I see back problems.

There is no such thing as planet X.

The Pope will die this year.
The Pope died Saturday 2nd April. No psychic ability needed to predict this one as the Pope had been seriously ill for a while.

Water supplies will be poisoned in New York.

Changes will happen in the U.S.A.

St. Albert the Great Church in Weymouth will close.

The struggling Boston Celtics have a better chance than the Red Sox of winning big.

There will be an earthquake in Mexico.

There will be a mega terror.