Friday 30th December 2005
Art Bell's Prediction Show for 2006

Here are the first set of predictions for 2006 made by the listeners to Coast to Coast.

1. The automobile industry will have an even worse year.

2. The anti-christ will be revealed as Bono.

3. A hurricane in August will make Katrina look like a baby.

4. California or part of it will separate from the coast.

5. A huge explosion in Cheyenne Mountain.

6. In Mexico or Central America a lost city will be uncovered by a hurricane.

7. The regime in North Korea will collapse and will want to reunite with South Korea. China will become involved and take over.

8. Mount Rainier explodes and causes great destruction.

9. Eight natural disasters this year.

10. An impact somewhere in Mexico maybe a meteor.

11. The Son of God will be revealed this year.

12. A category 3 hurricane in the Carolinas in September or October.

13. A magnetic disturbance affecting the Mid West US, turns the sky brown, causes fires.

14. Mel Gibson will release the most contraversial movie ever about the US being held hostage by terrorists.

15. Richard Daly will run as a Democrat candidate for President.

16. 8.0 or greater earthquake for California in late spring/early summer.

17. June 6th many UFO's will crash in populated areas because of a magnetic flux.

18. A lot of joy for Art Bell this year.

19. World War III by July under the leadership of President Condolezza Rice.

20. Earthquakes in Boston and Maine.

21. A satelite or some man made machine will come falling to Earth. Could be a shattered part of a UFO and it won't be covered up.

22. An earthquake will cause a small tsunami on Lake Tahoe.

23. Fidel Castro will pass away this year and Cuba will change and become like Las Vegas.

24. Bigfoot will be proven to be real and a body will be found.

25. A large tsunami will hit Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

26. Iran move their nuclear refining facilities to Russia.

27. Canadians will start causing trouble with nano technology in food.

28. January there will be a huge blizzard of snow on the North East coast of the US.

29. George Bush will resign.

30. Scientist will unlock the immortallity gene.

31. Pope Benedict will assert himself and the Catholic church will become a big political power.

32. Bush will begin to talk about an US exit strategy for Iraq.

33. A female celebrity will encounter a stalker and will be murdered.

34. Neither Sylvia Browne, James Van Pragge, John Edwards or any psychic will take on and win James Randi's million dollar challenge.
I will predict this to be true right now.

35. The Northern part of Australia will be hit by bad storms.

36. Cell phones will start to carry warnings about brain damage and cancer.

37. A 7+ earthquake in the San Francisco area that will cause a cascade effect. Deeper faults will be discovered.

38. Bats will invade the US from Mexico.

39. The psychic community online will make peace or more likely start fighting.

40. A discovery of an unknown vessel in the ocean. Some kind of ghost ship.

41. Pope Benedict will be a temporary Pope. He will either die or step down.

42. A suitcase nuke will explode in St Patricks Cathedral in July/August.

43. George Bush will be out of office and into a new job between January 31st and May 15th.

44. During the Saddam Hussein trial a gang will storm the building and either kill him or break him free.

45. Sometime this year Iran and Israel will go to war.

46. The baby boomers will cause a cultural shift in the US. They will be tired of a culture ruled by the idiotic youth.

47. Mississippi valley floods after July this year.

48. There will be a one world government this year.

49. Terrorist attack in Phoenix, Arizona. Possible suitcase nuke.

50. A British tabloid will do a genetic test on Prince Harry and prove he is not the son of Prince Charles.

51. Anti discrimination movement will shift how we view a persons age.

52. Iran terrorists will fire a dirty bomb at Israel.

53. South East coast of China and inland three quarters of the way to the Russian border there will be a nuclear accident.

54. A major earthquake in New York, from the mouth of the St Lawrence river downwards.

55. Pope John Paul II will return and become the new Pope.

56. The Sun will make world news this years and solar activity will go off the charts.

57. June 6th something awful to happen in the world. A perfect storm forming on this day.

58. The democratic party will collapse this year.

59. An explosion in a harbour somewhere in the world during a full moon.

60. America will be in a civil war in November.

61. Man made space technology will provide a breakthrough in medical research at the cellular level.

62. A discovery of some kind of vessel in the Bermuda Triangle.

63. The New Madrid fault will let go and cause massive flooding.

64. Fidel Castro will die this year. The new leader will align himself with Mexico and then declare some US territories as their own.

65. Virgin Galactic will have a joint venture with NASA.

66. President Bush will be hurt.

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