Friday 30th December 2005
Art Bell's Prediction Show for 2006 Part 2

Here are the first set of predictions for 2006 made by the listeners to Coast to Coast.

67. Astronomers will discover two new huge bodies beyond Pluto.

68. There will be a space disaster with the Mars mission.

69. NASA will start work on a new spaceship using UFO impulse drive technology.

70. Condolezza Rice will announce she is pregnant, the father being a prominent figure in the current administration.

71. The Pope will visit Jerusalem and California and Cuba.

72. Israel will launch an attack against the West Bank.

73. There will be restrictions on the internet by the New World Order.

74. Bird Flu will become very serious in the US in November/December.

75. Communications systems will breakdown all over the planet.

76. Something will happen in the US that will cause the UN to step in. A natural disaster or uprising.

(77.) Space aliens will come down and yell at President Bush for ruining their environment. Art wouldn't allow this.

77. President Sharon in Israel will be out of office and Benjamin Netanyahu will take over.

78. Two of our living former Presidents will pass away of natural causes. A third will be diagnosed with dementia.

79. Al Zachawi will not be caught.

80. A battle will be fought on American soil.

81. Some conflict with Turkey and an unnamed official in the US government will be killed.

82. Atlanta, Georgia takes on a new importance nationally.

83. Mexico will go to war over the border fence.

84. People will become more responsible in their behaviour.

85. NASA will discover an asteroid that is heading towards Earth and will plan to nuke it.

86. Earthquakes in California and solar flares in South America in late January and early February.

87. AMD will release a 6ghz chip before the end of the year.

88. There will be a fire at the Smithsonian Institute and some new discovery will be revealed as they put the fire out.

89. Prince Harry will become King before Prince William.

90. A major figure in the British Royal family will pass away in July/August. Maybe Prince Phillip.

91. A widespread disease across the nation. Maybe Bird Flu.

92. Florida or somewhere on the east coast will be hit by a tidal wave.

93. A seismic event will reroute the Rio Grande river.

94. The Federal Government will have to temporarily relocate to Denver, cue Dr Turi.

95. A cure for AIDS will be found.

96. The beginning of the Tribulation.

97. World peace this year.

98. Three major earthquakes in northern California.

99. Art Bell and Ramona will possibly adopt a 14 year old native american child.

100. A lost civilization will be discovered in the western US.

101. Tragedy in Mexico will force people to move north into the US and the army will mow them all down with machine guns.

102. There will be an AIDS mutation and a nuclear conflict.

103. Art Bell will do more than three shows a month this year.

104. Dalai Lama will pass away this year, then for a few days there wil be world peace.

105. Denali will go which will cause Yellowstone to blow.

106. Michio Kaku will confirm that time travel to the past and perpetual motion go hand in hand.

107. There will be a super drought in the US. Food prices will sky rocket.
107a. Coral Castle secret revealed.

108. Art Bell will sign a contact for a 30 minute radio show a few days each week.

109. This year is the beginning of a new time as it is really 2012. A great coming together of the people.

110. Mount St Helens will blow.

111. Military jets will be scrambled in the US, we will see them shooting live on the news.

112. It will be revealed that flight TWA 800 was shot down.

113. Massive ethnic violence in Mexico.

114. There will be a zombie plague.

115. Instead of a border fence with Mexico we will have people at night with bows and arrows shooting people.

116. Ariel Sharon will pass away this year.

117. December 18th Osama Bin Laden will be shot by one of his own people. Results in US being blamed so terrorists release a dirty bomb.

118. A comet will hit the Earth in May.

119. Governments will announce that they will not be held responsible for individuals.

120. Scientists will find proof of a creator.

121. The Virgin Mary will appear in Bayside, New York.

122. Blue Ray will win the DVD format war.

123. There will be a race war between Mexicans and African-Americans.

124. Yellowstone will not blow. Jet stream will cause havoc in southern California in January.

125. Bird flu epidemic.

126. The US will see most catastrophic set of events it has ever seen within its boundaries.

127. We will hear that BSE is in our milk.

128. A huge tsunami, not known where.

(129) Before the end of January impeachment process will be launched against President Bush. Art wouldn't allow this one.

129. In the spring a small comet will hit the Earth and gives off a cloud of gas.

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