Thursday 16th October 2003
Steve Quayle
Well no predictions from Steve Quayle when he appeared on Coast to Coast this week so lets list a couple of his terror alerts and see how they pan out.

Issue Date : 17-10-03
Location: Beaumont, Tx
Attack Type: Biological
Target: Workers at refineries
Intel Source: Law enforcement officer in area
Attack Probability: Rumored to be investigated by Federal agents as a terrorist incident letter sent to FBI claiming responsibility; identity unknown at this time.

Issue Date: 27-10-03 to 25-11-03
Location: West and East Coasts, Gulf Coast, and hotel areas of Hawaii's Waikiki Beach.
Attack Type: Nuclear, Biological and Aerial.
Target: Washington, DC, NYC, Miami and major shipping ports.
Intel Source: Internet, Interrogation, Surveillance and Fatwa.
Attack Probability: High (may change to Extremely High at a moment's notice).