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Welcome to the Audax Altitude Award website.

Going, Going, Gone

The contents of the AAA website has been transferred to the main AUK website at, and it will close down completely in the near future.


The aims of the AAA

To encourage participation in hilly events by offering a challenge to regular long distance riders and also to those who do not ride the longest events but who enjoy hard riding. It is popular, not only because of the challenge, but also because of the scenery it has to offer.

To include any calendar or permanent event that is hilly enough. The event scores AAA points based on the amount of climbing, and both AAA points and climbing are shown in the calendar (be warned though that some hilly events are missing their AAA points).

Riders accumulate their own tally of AAA points by completing AAA events. Accumulated points are shown on the Audax UK website on the Results pages.

There is a variety of awards available.

On the website you will find:

Also there is a little publicity for my permanent events in and around the Yorkshire Dales.

Any queries or comments you have about the AAA or this website will be most welcome. My contact details are here.