AAA Round The Year Award


With all due acknowledgements to RRTY, there is now an alternative called the AAA Round The Year award, or AAARTY.

To obtain this award, you ride an AAA event in each of 12 consecutive calendar months. Any calendar or permanent event of any distance qualifies as long as it has AAA points. The shorter AAA permanents are one possibility in the winter months so there is less need to ride during hours of darkness. An event can be repeated in different months and still count each time.

Because of the exceptional weather conditions, a January 2010 event can be counted if ridden in either January or February 2010. A February event is also required.

To claim the award, check that your qualifying rides are listed on the Results Page of the AUK website and that you have completed an AAA event in each of any 12 consecutive months. Then email or write to me, the AAA Man, listing the dates of your rides. My email address is at the bottom of this page, my postal address is in the AUK Handbook.

A cloth badge is available as pictured above, price 3.00 including postage and package.


1. Post payment to me (if a cheque made payable to Steve Snook). My postal address is in the AUK Handbook. Please do not send a stamped addressed envelope.


2. Send payment via Paypal to my email address which is at the bottom of this page.

In the summer 2009 Arrivee, it says that events from August 2009 onwards can count towards this award. However it has now been decided that retrospective claims will be accepted for AAA events before then.

So if you'd like an excuse to keep your scenic rides going round the year, here it is.


Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour below includes people successfully claiming the award since it started in 2010.

It shows the total number of awards, and the date of completing the latest one. Entries in bold have been amended this season.



AAA Round the Year Roll of Honour



Date of Latest Award

Reid Anderson 1 29 Jan 2011
Geoff Bell 2 3 Oct 2011
Peter Bond 1 13 Mar 2011
Chris Boulton 1 17 Jul 2010
Chris Crookes 2 18 Sep 2011
Chris Crossland 1 30 Dec 2009
John Ellis 1 10 July 2011
Wyn Evans 1 7 Jan 2012
Rhisiart ap Gwilym 1 26 Jun 2010
Bernie Hammond 1 12 Sep 2010
Derek Heine 1 18 Feb 2012
Janet Hinsley 1 14 July 2011
Chris Keeling-Roberts 1 18 Sep 2011
Chris Kula-Przezwanski 2 5 Apr 2012
Mike Lane 1 23 Feb 2012
Ann Marshall 3 1 Apr 2012
Derek Morgan 1 9 Jan 2012
David Parkes 1 25 Sep 2010
Gareth Phillips 1 8 Jan 2012
Richard Phipps 1 11 July 2011
Steve Poulton 2 23 Nov 2011
Paul Revell 1 14 Apr 2012
Louise Rigby 2 9 Jan 2012
Stephen Rogers 2 3 Mar 2012
Mark Rigby 1 21 Jan 2012
Dave Rowell 1 1 Jun 2011
Jonathan Saville 1 1 Jan 2011
Steve Snook 2 4 Jun 2011
Peter Walden 1 29 Jan 2012
Jonathan Warner 2 21 Aug 2011
Mary-Jane Watson 2 5 Nov 2011
Billy Weir 1 12 Dec 2010
Neil Weir 1 8 Feb 2011
Werner Wiethege 1 3 Dec 2011


Ann Marshall is the first to claim three consecutive AAARTY awards, the third completed on 1 Apr 2012.

Chris Crookes has completed two AAARTY awards which consist entirely of RRTY events (BR events of 200km or longer).

Chris Crossland and Steve Poulton have each completed one AAARTY consisting entirely of RRTY events.

Chris Keeling-Roberts is the only person so far to claim 2 concurrent AAARTY awards.

Geoff Bell rode at least one AAA event every month for a year when he completed his personal "70 AAA points at 70 years" challenge in September 2008.


Weather Warning


AAA events can visit remote and high places where conditions may be difficult, particularly in winter. Do not take any chances with the weather. Stay at home until conditions have improved, and always be prepared in case they get worse.




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