This site celebrates some of the most innovative sets of drums ever produced, the brilliant designs of Ivor Arbiter.

The Arbiter Autotune Drum Kits

This site is dedicated to the revolutionary and unique single lug tuning drum designs of the late Ivor Arbiter. This includes the "Autotune", the "Arbiter AT" and the "Flats" range of kits.

The original Autotune was a very brave and revolutionary concept introduced in 1975. The Arbiter AT (Advanced tuning), introduced in 1996, used a completely different method to achieve the same goal of single lug tuning. The Flats are a very succesful ultra portable kit very popular for 'unplugged' type performances and practicing which use the AT tuning method.


This site was completely rewritten and updated in June 2006.

Last update: 6th January 2008.

This includes new photographs from former Arbiter production manager Mark Goodwin in the endorsees section

There are also new pictures in the Autotune and AT galleries

The AT models section will be updated shortly.

There are new sections on the way, including the "Austin Powers" Autotune connection!


This site was created December 2004. If you can share pics, information, personal experiences, please get in touch.

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Please note: I have no connection with Arbiter the company and never have had. This is a totally unofficial site, although I have had contact with Arbiter and they had no objections. My reason for writing this webpage is as an interested owner of an Autotune kit. Any information given here is from examining my own kit, from what I have read, or my own opinions. Hopefully, fellow enthusiasts will contact me so we can pool our knowledge. Any problems, please contact me at arbiterautotune[AT] (Please replace the [AT] with the @ symbol).