Autotune Gallery

My White 'Originator' kit with and without extra toms:

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Winne Mensink's Capricorn Gold 'Originator' Kit:

Gallery 5

'Concert Big Sound' and 'Concert Showman Kits' from the catalogue:

Galleryt 6 Gallery 7

Max McLean's Black 'Concert Showman' Kit:

Gallery 8 Gallery 9 Gallery 10

Winnie Mensink's Snare drum detail:

Gallery 11 Gallery 12

U.F.O. Somewhere over Holland.(Unusual Fibreglass Object) :

Gallery 13 Gallery 14

...O.K. It does look a bit weird! Note: Later style nylon blocks:

Gallery 15 Gallery 16

Tony Cobley's white 'Originator' Kit: The first is Tony Cobley (the only drummer so far brave enough to send in a picture of himself) playing his white originator kit at "The Horn Of Plenty" in St Albans, circa 1980 / 81.

Gallery 17 Gallery 18 Gallery 19

The display of IvorArbiter's contribution to the local music scene at Church Farmhouse Museum Greyhound Hill, Hendon, London, September 2006


An Autotune snare in reaaly mint condition from Péter Molnár.


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