This page is for a few strange things I've come across that don't fit in anywhere else. It is where I will post some pictures I have of other lugless designs from other manufacturers, other alternative tuning designs and other bits and pieces.

Firstly, here is a catalogue of an obscure Italian kit made by Divoli. Thanks to Luca Luciano for sending me these scans. At first glance it looks remarkably similar to an Arbiter Autotune! On reading the brochure, though, it makes no mention of unorthodox tuning methods. Luca believes it used conventional tuning lugs but mounted internally. The drums appear to be made of stove enamelled steel! (Sounds like my Mom's old gas cooker ;-) Clearly a contender for the lugless look, though. I'd love to know more about it...(click images to enlarge)

Curio1 Curio2 Curio3 Curio4